A passionate need to stay organized can tempt you into spending more than you need to get in control of clutter. Here are ten things you already have around the house to help you get organized:

    1. Shoe box bottoms work great for organizing drawers.


    1. Those soft clear plastic zipper containers that often accompany packages of underwear, baby toys and blankets can be re-purposed to store awkward small items like travel toiletries, small plastic toys and notepads.


    1. Lidless jars work great for storing art supplies like paint brushes and colored pencils. Jars with lids can store nuts, flour, beans, rice and other dry goods.


    1. Over-the-door shoe racks aren’t just for shoes. They can also organize canned goods and spices in a pantry, cleaning products in a linen closet and action figures in a kid’s room.


    1. Small binding clips work great for taming cell phone and computer chargers. Simply clip them to a night stand or desk and thread your cord through the metal loops.


    1. Old dressers make fabulous gift-wrapping organizers. Put gift bags in separate drawers according to size and short rolled up gift wrap rolls, ribbon, tape and scissors on the top drawer.


    1. Those nail and screw organizers with the tiny drawers also work great for organizing rubber bands, paper clips, push pins, etc. in your office.


    1. Wall-mounted key hangers with small hooks can also be hung above your dresser to organize necklaces.


    1. Desk drawer organizing trays can also be used to organize junk drawers, sewing notions and other craft supplies, and stray game pieces in a game closet.


    1. Old suitcases can be stacked on top of one another or tucked into a shelf and used to store linens and out-of-season clothing.


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