Mix a mysteriously sourced upside-down couch on the cover of Harry’s House by Harry Styles, with two Portland, Oregon furniture artisans, and cork flooring from Classique Floors + Tile in the Central Eastside District of Portland, and you get the introduction of Your House Couch.

Your House Couch

As Curbed Magazine explained in the November 2022 issue, Helen Helfand and Leland Duck reverse-engineered the couch on the cover to create a “limited run of 500 burnt-orange two-seaters.” By the way, that limited run has since led to a second run, with reservations being accepted for a third run. And, it’s available in four additional colorways.

>> Here’s how to reserve your spot on this two-seater.

Your House Couch + cork flooring = perfect

What Makes Your House Couch Stand Out?

Leland and Helen describe the couch as follows:

“A gorgeous orange velvet loveseat, crafted entirely in the Pacific Northwest by our team of talented craftspeople.

Designed for exquisite comfort and durability, this piece will pop in a vintage home or a modern space. You will receive a limited edition piece, numbered from one to five hundred.

Your purchase will also support the work of Crafting the Future to provide equitable opportunities in the arts for BIPOC makers.”

Your House Couch is donating 8% of sales to the charity.

They point out that a lot of modern furniture isn’t built to last.

With our expertise in fine furniture construction and dedication to sourcing the highest quality materials, we know you’ll be adoring Your House Couch for many years to come.


“Each Your House Couch features domestic hardwood seat frames with hand-webbed seats, time-tested ergonomics, and a firm but plush sit. We use Certi-PUR-US® foam and a FibreGuard stain-free treated velvet fabric with a durability rating of 200,000 double rubs… using eco-friendly metal finishing and a water-based upholstery adhesive. Both of these products contain minimal VOCs, better for the environment and better for you!”

What Makes Your House Couch Stand Out?

Why Is Classique Floors + Tile Excited About Your House Couch?

Three reasons explain why Classique Floors + Tile loves this product introduction.

1 – A Helen and Leland Chair in the Classique Showroom

When you visit the Classique showroom, you’ll notice – in addition to a beautiful selection of flooring and tile products, including Cork! – a Helen and Leland Chair. We’re fans of these talented artisans.

>> See Tour the Classique Showroom

2 – Cook Flooring for the Photo Shoot

We’re partial to cork floors. It’s the ultimate in sustainability. It can mimic stone, leather, ceramic, and metal, allowing you to get a different look in a room while offering a plethora of benefits. Cork floor provides a comfortable cushion underfoot because it “gives” when compressed and is a natural insulator, so your feet are never cold. Plus, it’s durable, hypoallergenic, and easy to maintain.

3 – Photography By Christopher Dibble

We are huge fans of Christopher Dibble and his photography.

In fact, you’ll find that he has photographed several Classique showcased projects and installations.

What you’ll notice in these photographs is how warm the cork flooring looks with Your House Couch, how it looks modern as well as classic, and how it makes everything surrounding it shine. Cork is ideal!

Learn More About Cork Flooring

Learn More About Cork Flooring and Your House Couch

You now know how to learn more about Your House Couch. To find out more about cork flooring, we invite you to simply visit the Classique Floors + Tile showroom. See for yourself what makes cork flooring stand out in so many ways.

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Images Credit: The talented Christopher Dibble

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