Being green gets easier and less expensive all the time

Although the idea of green flooring has been trendy for years, new government regulations that require commercial buildings to comply with LEED standards have really helped to lower prices for green residential flooring. Many manufacturers are jumping on the green bandwagon, adding lines that boast high percentages of recycled content and raw materials obtained from sustainable sources.

What are we doing at Classique to encourage green flooring?

We want to do our part to better the environment and offer our consumers the best in cleaner, greener, and healthier flooring products on the market.

Green Select: Supporting green flooring.One key example is our Green Select Labels. To earn a Green Select label, the product must currently be recyclable,
contain a minimum of recycled material and/or be made from a natural, sustainable, quickly renewable resource. Ask one of our associates about Green Select products next time you’re in the store. Virtually every type of products we sell is available in a sustainable option. Read on to find out more about some of our green flooring options.


Unlike other wood flooring, the cork trees used to create cork flooring are not killed during harvest. Plus, its natural properties plus the coatings used to seal cork flooring make it healthy and safe for adults, pets and babies. In addition to the health benefits, cork offers noise-reduction and shock-absorbing comfort in a variety of beautiful styles and colors – so it’s good for both the environment and the beauty of your home.


Our line of laminate floors from Mannington provide beauty, performance, and environmental advantages that you won’t find in most hard surface products. Made with over 74% recycled content, and installed without any glues or adhesives, Mannington laminate is the only laminate floor to hold FloorScore certification – the highest air quality standard in the world. Certified products are recognized as contributing to good indoor air quality in order to ensure human health.


Several carpets today are making inroads into the green market by producing carpeting that features fibers made with corn sugar instead of nylon. One carpet line in particular, Floorcraft Smartstrand Sorona, leads the innovation in stain-resistant, sustainable flooring. This carpet exclusively offers fiber made with Bio-PDO, which is produced from corn sugar. By utilizing this new ingredient, 37 percent of the carpet is being made from renewable resources, marking the first time that a luxurious carpet offers durability, stain protection, and little environmental impact.


Due to their durability and organic origins, hardwood floors are the most natural choice among flooring options. Those looking for a more sustainable hardwood floor can purchase reclaimed hardwood pieces that have been discarded or pulled from lakes and rivers or hardwood flooring recycled from old schools and hospitals. Hardwood floors are also allergen free and, with proper maintenance, will last a lifetime.


Bamboo is an extremely versatile, environmentally-friendly flooring product that’s increasing in popularity. Amazingly durable and long-lasting, bamboo is a form of grass that’s actually harder than hardwood. It’s long list of eco-friendly attributes includes rapid renewability and reduction of global warming (bamboo’s leafy canopy releases 35 percent more oxygen than a grove of hardwood trees).


Tile, in general, is a sustainable option since it’s easy to replace worn out tiles here and there when they break or rot. (Be sure to keep extras for this purpose.) And more manufacturers all the time are offering recycled tile options, but one of the most interesting is recycled glass bottle tile. If you ever found the blue-green tint of a Coke bottle attractive, these might be the right tiles for you.


Although Marmoleum, a form of linoleum, gets more credit for being sustainable, linoleum in all of its forms is made from 100% natural materials, including linseed oil, recycled wood flour, cork dust and limestone.


Quartz and other stone countertops are made from natural products and incredibly durable, but recycled countertop options get more stunningly beautiful all the time. Two manufacturers of recycled concrete countertops are based right here in Portland — Fuez and Cement Elegance — and Vetrazzo, out of Georgia, offers recycled glass countertops.

Want more information about green flooring options?

We’re here to help! Contact Classique Floors 503-255-6775 or stop by our showroom.

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