Every remodel is going to have its fair share of surprises…

Our kitchen remodel in our Oregon home was no exception.

In my first major kitchen remodel, the biggest surprise was a serious car accident the day we started the demolition that put my wife in the hospital with emergency surgery. Talk about not going according to plan! Thankfully she recovered fully, and we were able to adapt our plans.

Hopefully your remodel project doesn’t get thrown off by a serious accident, but barring that, there will inevitably be unplanned surprises with every project. Having a clear vision and a good plan makes coping with the unexpected easier. Here are a few items that we encountered when we decided to remodel our Oregon home kitchen that didn’t go as planned:

  • We found electrical in a wall that was supposed to be demolished. Four circuits for lighting and outlets on the upper floor had to be rerouted to a different wall in order to complete the demolition.
  • We found knob and tube wiring connected to a switch and the main kitchen light fixture. The former owners claimed to have updated all electrical, but apparently they missed a few spots.
  • Drain pipes from the upstairs bathroom were obstructing about 1/2” of space that we hoped to open up for our entrance into the kitchen.
  • The space we planned for our oven vent was obstructed framing in the exterior wall.
  • Hardwood flooring under the ugly floor tiles that we removed was damaged during demolition, and had to be removed as well. Additionally we uncovered old holes in the subfloor that had to be patched and repaired.

What we’ve learned from from our Oregon kitchen remodel?

Accept challenges such as these and recognize that they are an inevitable, and possibly enjoyable, part of your project. Recognize that your project schedule will slip as you encounter and resolve these undiscovered issues. And remember that solving these problems is a large part of the satisfaction and pride that comes from a DIY remodel… Kitchen or otherwise!

Are you looking to do a kitchen remodel? Need ideas? Looking for tile?

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