Cork Floors That Look Like Wood or Tile? Meet Serenity From WE Cork

We are so excited to share with you a cork flooring like no other: Serenity from WE Cork. It brings you the look of wood or tile in cork. In other words, you have a sustainable flooring product that offers you temperature and sound insulation, durability, moisture-resistance, and resilience while also coming in a range of new, non-traditional cork looks to choose from.

What makes cork floors so extraordinary?

Cork floors are extraordinary because of the natural properties of cork. Here are four for you to consider:

1. Cork provides good insulation for temperature and sound

The cellular nature of cork bark, unlike that of other tree bark, is full of air. One cubic inch of cork consists of approximately 200 million completely enclosed air cells. Air insulates against temperature as well as sound. For that reason, cork floors maintain a relative temperature of 70 degrees so floors feel warmer when it’s cold and cooler when it’s hot. It also absorbs sounds such as footfalls, echoes, and other ambient sounds.

2. Cork is durable

Cork has been used for floors since the late 1800s, including in high use spaces such as the Library of Congress, the Mayo Clinic, in museums, Frank Lloyd Wright public buildings as well as residences.

3. Cork is resilient

All of the air that you find in cork is trapped into tiny shock-absorbing compartments that make cork resilient and cushion-like.

4. Cork is naturally moisture resistant

The waxy substance found in cork called suberin is the reason that cork is moisture-resistant and insect-resistant. That said, you should always quickly wipe up spills!

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American Quilt Cork Planks from WE Cork's Serenity Collection

What makes Serenity from WE Cork so remarkable?

Cork floors, traditionally, have a look unlike that of other types of floor. Although you’ll often find it in brown and beige patterns, cork offerings have expanded to offer you choices in a range of colors and textures, ranging from stone, leather, ceramic and metal.

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Those offerings have expanded even more through inkjet printing technology. The Serenity Collection is a cork flooring with a high definition, 3-pass, digital print technology that reproduces the essence of wood or tile on a cork substrate. The result provides you with the best of both worlds: classic wood or tile beauty with the resiliency and comfort of cork.

Serenity flooring is finished with WE Cork’s patented Hot Coating – giving it an oil-like, satin luster with the highest possible durability. It is available in plank and in tile formats.

WE Cork Serenity Planks

Cork flooring Serenity planks come in 12 styles so far: Warm Night, Tobacco Shed, Vintage Gray (pictured below), Sand Dune, Bourbon Road (pictured at the top of the page), French Autumn Oak, Sunset Acacia, Late Winter Drift, Aged Barnbeam, Sierra Mosaic, American Quilt (pictured above this section), and Moonlight Sea.

If I hadn’t mentioned that these products were cork, would you have thought so on your own?

WE Cork Serenity Planks

These planks come in 12-1/64″ x 48-5/8″ x 7/16″; each carton covers  20.24 square feet.

Below, you see Vintage Gray cork planks.

Vintage Gray cork planks from WE Cork's Serenity Collection

WE Cork Serenity Tiles

In addition to planks, the Serenity Collection is available in a tile format in 17-23/32″ x 24-13/32″ x 7/16″; each carton covers 18.08 square feet. In this format, you have three styles to choose from: Carrara Marble, Hearth Slate, and Travertine.

The image of Hearth Slate below highlights the amazing realism of the slate pattern.

Hearth Slate Cork Tile from WE Cork's Serenity Collection

The image below captures the effect of Warm Travertine cork tile – warm, elegant with the look of classic Travertine yet in delicious, resilient cork.

Warm Travertine Cork Tile from WE Cork's Serenity Collection

WE Cork Floating Floors consist of a system of cork panels which can be installed virtually anywhere without any of the intensive labor required to install other types of flooring materials. Tough enough to stand up to even the heaviest of foot traffic, WE Cork Floating Floors require little maintenance and will last for years.

Why Classique Floors + Tile Loves WE Cork

We have carried WE Cork products for many years and admire their history and commitment to sustainability.

The founder of WE Cork, Ann Wicander, comes from a family involved in cork since 1868. As a young child, she began learning about the cork business and hasn’t stopped:

“For more than one hundred years one thing has stayed the same at WE Cork, we have a passion for cork. It is the splendor, beauty, resilience, and ability to regenerate that makes cork so remarkable. These attributes have inspired five generations to truly believe that the use of cork in our products is not just good business sense but a way of life. I often jokingly say that cork must run in our veins, a common bond that we all share, uniquely lasting. Perhaps this is the secret behind what has made our passion, our family, and our business so strong for such a very long time…”

You can learn more about WE Cork products by exploring the Frequently Asked Questions.

Are you ready for Serenity from WE Cork in your home?

We think you’ll love how Serenity cork floors look in your home.

We invite you to visit our Portland, Oregon showroom where one of our Classique Floors + Tile project consultants will answer your questions and be ready to guide you through everything from initial estimate to product selection to final installation.

You’ll be delighted, we promise!

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