Formed over millions of years from compacted quartz, granite can stand up to the wear and tear of kitchen use and is naturally anti-microbial and stain-resistant, making it a safe surface to prepare food.

Formed deep within the earth, marble is recrystalized limestone that obtains new minerals through intense pressure, creating a stone that as graceful and subtle soft, ideal for spaces where a formal and glamorous look is sought.

Highly durable, quartzite features brilliant sparkles that lend it depth and sheen. Though typically silver to white in color, it can also be found in pink, purple and blue stones.

Easy to care for and available in a wide variety of colors, laminate is an attractive and durable yet affordable option.

Created by DuPont, Corian is a nonporous, easy to clean, anti-microbial, stain-resistant and available in a plethora of colors and style. Recently, Corian has unveiled a new line of Zodiaq Countertops that are engineered with pure quartz crystals, giving you the look and feel of quartz with more durability, heat and scratch resistance, and affordability.

Ceramic Tile
Ceramic tile is one of the more popular choices for countertops and backsplashes. It’s available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles; can be easily repaired; and is reasonably priced. It also gives you the option to place unique decorative tiles intermittently to give it your own distinctive flair.

Porcelain Tile
Like ceramic tiles, porcelain is easily reparable, affordable and available in a wide variety of colors and patterns but is more heat resistant and often mimics the look and feel of natural stone.