Allergies and asthma can limit your life. You have to be aware of the local pollen count. Close your windows when the air is thick. Debate various medical treatments. And even skip outside activities sometimes.

Don’t miss this irritant that’s literally right under your nose … and feet:

Your home’s flooring.

That’s right. Your flooring can help your healthy home–or it can aggravate your itchy eyes, coughing and sneezing.

Here’s what to look for in healthy flooring:

  • Easy-to-clean surface that keeps allergens at a low level.
  • Natural components so there is little or no off-gassing of toxic fumes.
  • Non-toxic glue used during installation.

Your best bets for healthy home floor coverings…

Wool carpet
is soft, strong and long-lasting. It warms up any room, both visually and in actual feel. Sink your feet into our lush wool carpets and feel for yourself!

Tile made from stone, granite or glass gives a crisp, clean feel. Tile is equally at home with modern or traditional

Suffer from allergies? Marmoleum may be the flooring for you.

Marmoleum and linoleum are beautiful, versatile, and resilient.

furnishings. It can look clean and simple or elaborate and intricate.

Wood floors (including cork flooring, made from cork oak tree bark) bring a warm glow and natural feel underfoot. The traditional good looks of wood and its ability to withstand wear and tear make it a great choice throughout your home. Ask us about engineered hardwood floors.

Marmoleum and linoleum are resilient underfoot. Check out our huge range of colors and patterns. All-natural, beautiful, and unique, this is not the vinyl flooring you remember from your childhood! Check into the latest in luxury vinyl tile.

Now what?

Visit our Portland, Oregon showroom and talk with a Classique Floors project consultant. Schedule an in-home custom project assessment. We’ll help you decide which option is your best choice for a healthy home.

And we have other suggestions, including pet-friendly flooring ideas. We do it all: help you choose your flooring, handle design and installation, and promise you’ll be delighted!

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