Discover & Save on Kitchen & Bath Tile

Discover and save on kitchen and bath tile. See how!

Have you fallen in love with tile ideas you’ve seen on TV? Thinking about a beautiful kitchen backsplash or a glamorous pattern in your bathroom? Find inspiration, lots of samples and expert help in our store.

We’re Portland’s favorite place for tile … with more tile choices, expert design tips and impeccable installation. Bring your ideas in, get ready to remodel and save!

It’s time to tile Classique style.

  • 10% off all tile in July and August, up to 30% off select products each week
  • 5 free seminars to discover your tile style—space is limited, sign up below
  • Enter to win a prize at every seminar and enter to win $500 off your next purchase
  • Find out how important grout is—it will make or break your tile project!
  • Discover which tile choices fit your lifestyle and budget, our experts will help
  • Learn about the latest trends, incredible colors, and fresh patterns and textures
  • You’ll be delighted with our people, prices, and products, we promise!

It’s on sale!

Through September 4th all tile is 10% off! Wait, there’s more! We also have special manager sales through September 4th:

  • 20% off the entire American Olean line
  • 30% off two Modern Surfaces mosaic lines
  • 25% off the entire Intrepid Marble & Granite line
  • 20% off 7 different Dal Tile products
  • 15% off Cronin Tile
  • 15% off S’Tile tile

Discover your tile style, 5 free seminars, sign up now

Tile can transform your kitchen or bath into your favorite new space. Learn more. Join us for one seminar or all five. Enter to win a gift at every seminar and join the raffle for $500 off your purchase. But space is limited, so sign up now on Facebook. Not on Facebook? That’s okay! Give us a call to reserve your spot instead: (503) 255-6775.

Oh, the Tile Possibilities! – July 16 11 am

Unique, beautiful tile hand-produced here in Portland, OR. Holly Menashe will show you unmatched creativity and originality with Pratt & Larson Tile. With one of the largest collections of tile around, discover tile you didn’t even know was possible!

Kitchen and Bath Discover and save!

Does Size Really Matter? – July 23 11 am

Join Amy Bright, Products Specialist with S’Tile, to discover the new and upcoming tile trends. Take a guided tour through room scenes of kitchens and bathrooms to discover how tile size can describe your space.

Kitchen and Bath Discover and save!

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Tips & Tricks – July 30 11 am

Find out from award-winning remodeler, Eric Eaton, tips and tricks to kitchen and bath remodeling. Learn how to get the most out of your kitchen, bath and home remodeling projects.

Kitchen and Bath Discover and save!

Wow with Tile – August 6 11 am

If you’re in search of that HGTV look, then meet Jessica Milano from Statements Tile who inspires with her tile collection. Ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone, metal and handmade – she has tile for every style that will have you saying “wow!”

Kitchen and Bath Discover and save!

Your Tile Questions Answered – August 13 11 am

Get those tile questions ready! John Zoubek of American Olean Tile and Marrazzi Tile will share a beautiful tile selection and answer your toughest tile project questions.

Kitchen and Bath Discover and save!

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