The Color of the Year is…..Emerald 17-5641 

Emerald is expanding beyond the land of Oz this year. Every year Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color, picks a Color of the Year, a hue they predict will resonate in the worlds of fashion, interior design, consumer products, and everyday life in general. This year they picked a color that suggests new life, vitality and luck, which is just what we need in a year that ends in 13. You can download this Pantone color onto your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC here.   


The Pantone website is a great place to get ideas for colors when decorating your home. In fact, one page of the Pantone site is dedicated to Fashion & Home, offering color trend forecasting reports, nylon and cotton swatches of Pantone colors, and links to color management apps for Droid, iPod and iPad. Through a partnership with Clarient, Pantone can even offer suggestions to custom textile designers on how to more accurately match Pantone colors.




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