Engineered hardwood floors could be an easy, high quality flooring solution for you!

Leave behind the noxious fumes of topcoats on wood floors and the long drying time. Keep the beauty and strength of traditional wood floors. Say hello to engineered wood flooring!

Engineered Hardwood: More stable than solid planks.

Engineered wood just might be the perfect flooring material. Like any plant product, wood contracts and expands with changes in temperature and moisture. But engineered hardwood flooring is extra strong. It’s made of several layers fused together under heat and pressure. Each layer runs in an opposite direction to the one above and below it. So it expands and contracts in opposing directions–which makes it more resistant to temperature changes. Perfect for Oregon weather.

Save trees when you select engineered wood floors!

Traditional wood floors use solid planks sawn from trees.

Engineered hardwood is built from layers of plywood from fast-growing trees. Smaller pieces of wood can be used–wood that used to be thrown away. A beautiful layer of hardwood goes on top for a stunning finish.

The planks are pre-finished.

Traditional hardwood floors are installed as unfinished, solid wood strips. They then have to be sanded and sealed. But with pre-finished planks, there are no smelly fumes and no wait time until you can walk on your new floor.

Use engineered hardwood flooring in any part of your house.

You can’t use traditional hardwood flooring in your basement or other below-grade room where moisture could affect it. That goes for bathrooms, half-baths and kitchens, too. Anywhere where water might be of concern for the floors.

But engineered wood is less moisture-sensitive. You can use it nearly anywhere you want the warm glow and good looks of hardwood flooring.

You can also use it over radiant heating which can dry out solid hardwood floors.

Engineered hardwood can be used over any subflooring.

Engineered hardwood can be installed over challenging concrete or asbestos tile. No need to install more subflooring. No nasty health issues that come with disturbing asbestos flooring.

Questions about engineered hardwood floors? We’ve got answers!

Let’s talk about engineered hardwood flooring and traditional hardwood floors. We offer and install both. Your knowledgeable Classique Floors project consultant will walk you through your choices and then handle your entire project–from estimate to design to installation to “I love it!”

Visit our Portland, Oregon showroom or call for your in-home project assessment. We’ll bring samples and do the measuring. Let’s get started!

Thanks for reading!


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