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Learn more here about Woodura by Valinge, Fabrica Carpet, Masland Wool Carpet, Sono Eclipse by Inhaus, and Stunning New Tile Arrivals.

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Woodura by Välinge

Featured products: Woodura by Valinge


The incredible patented surface technology makes this hardened wood flooring three to five times stronger than traditional wood floors.

It’s real wood with high-impact resistance. Plus, it’s waterproof and comes in wide plank and extra long lengths.


Explore Favorite Fabrica Styles

Fabrica Carpet


Fabrica manufactures carpets and rugs for the most demanding segments of the high-end style residential market. They have an international reputation for exquisite style and exceptional performance. You’ll love their stylish design!


Sono Eclipse by Inhaus

Sono Eclipse by Inhaus


This PVC-free rigid core click-together flooring is certified safe, waterproof flooring.


Munich by Masland Wool

Munich by Masland Carpet


Masland is one of the oldest carpet manufacturers in the United States! They offer dynamic patterns and original products while ensuring quality control and production.

>> See Wool Carpet


New Featured Tile Arrivals

Stunning new featured tile


Imagine creating one-of-a-kind designs in your home with these new featured tiles!

  • Add pattern to your floors with Wow Denim “Indigo” and Wow Bejmat.
  • Rhythm by CEPAC will make your walls sing.
  • Kintsugi will take you to a Japanese-inspired sense of Zen
  • Maiolica Aqua will help you walk on water.

For ideas, be sure to check out the Classique Floors + Tile Kitchen showcase ideas where you’ll see how floors, backsplashes, and countertops come together.


Visit our showroom: Walk-Ins are Welcome!

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