Five important carpet buying tips

You’re looking at new carpet! Let the fun–and the questions–begin. Which carpet is best for which rooms? Should you use colors, patterns, solid? Which carpet material holds up best under the onslaught of kids, dogs, mud and food?

Take a deep breath. Here to help: our top five carpet buying tips.

1. Best choice is usually wool carpet

Wool is easily the best all-around carpet. Yes, it requires more of an investment than carpets composed of man-made fibers. But that investment shows in warmth, softness, durability and a variety of textures and colors. Wool carpet is all natural and completely recyclable.

2. Use nylon fiber carpet in high traffic areas

Nylon fiber is a good choice for stairs and high traffic areas because it holds up and doesn’t show traffic quickly. Like wool, it is recyclable. It offers vibrant colors, but unlike wool, it is not all natural.

3. Polyester fiber carpet works for low traffic areas

Polyester fiber carpet is an option for low traffic areas such as guest bedrooms. It is inexpensive but flattens quickly and shows wear sooner than wool or nylon carpet. In addition, it is not recyclable and is the least environmentally friendly carpet option.

4. Choose the right carpet cushion

One of our most important carpet buying tips: Ask for a minimum of eight-pound rebond cushion (carpet padding). This is the foundation for a soft step. Made from partially recycled foam, rebond cushion usually comes from furniture industry scraps. The term “eight-pound” means a one foot square of this cushion weighs eight pounds.

5. Patterns and multiple colors will disguise life’s messes

Patterns and multiple colors are your best friends if you have a busy household. Pet hair, food crumbs, food stains, dirt, mud–they are all less obvious on patterned or multi-toned surfaces than on a solid color, single depth carpet. If you have an active Oregon lifestyle with plenty of muddy footprints on your floors, think patterns and colors.

Remember, we’re here to help! Bring your questions about carpets and carpet care to our Portland, Oregon showroom. Talk to a project consultant to get more carpet buying tips. Together, we’ll find the right carpet for your home and your budget. You’ll be thrilled with the results, we promise!

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