For High Quality Wood Flooring, Select Mirage Hardwood Floors at Classique Floors + Tile

Are you in the market for hardwood floors? If yes, we invite to explore Mirage at Classique Floors + Tile. You will love the high quality wood flooring they offer.

Who is Behind Mirage Floors?

Mirage Hardwood Floors are manufactured by parent company, Boa-Franc, which was founded in 1979 in Saint-Georges de Beauce in Quebec, Canada.

The strong passion for and commitment to quality began when company owner Pierre Thabet purchased Boa-Franc in 1983. That’s when he implemented continuous improvement practices that make Mirage products the ultimate North American hardwood product to have in your home.

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Mirage takes seriously its commitment to creating beautiful hardwood floors that you will forever cherish and appreciate because of the value it adds to your home.

Flair White Oak in Sand Dune by Mirage Hardwood Floors

Flair White Oak in Sand Dune by Mirage Hardwood Floors

What makes Mirage Floors such a perfect flooring solution?

First is that Mirage is one of few wood flooring manufacturers to offer three different installation technologies, so you can enjoy genuine wood floors in every room of your home – wherever you live. That means that you can select solid hardwood for above grade and on grade installations, engineered hardwood for above, on, and below grade with radiant heat, or a locking wood floating floor installation for above, on and below grade installations with radiant heat.

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Mirage only uses the dry sawn method for the hardwood wear layer of an engineered or lock floor to produce a perfect appearance and superior look.

Next is that you’ll also discover an extensive selection of wood floor colors, widths, and species as you can see from the room scene installations we share with you in this article.

You will love the range of wood species grain textures as well as the colors each species is available in (including hot new grays!).

You can choose between matte and satin floor finishes.

And, because Mirage floors are pre-finished, you won’t have to suffer through smelly fumes during installation.

When you visit Classique Floors + Tile, you’ll be able to borrow Mirage Hardwood Floors samples for 24 hours, or you can even order your own samples from Mirage directly online.


Flair White Oak in White Mist from Mirage Floors

Deep commitment to hardwood product quality

As a testament to Mirage product quality, know that over the past ten years, Mirage has received 29 awards for excellence based on surveys and feedback from flooring dealers across North America. Furthermore, Boa-Franc has received the Canada Awards for Excellence (CAE), which is the highest level of recognition an organization can receive in Canada.

As Mirage details on its website,

“Whatever flooring you choose (from Mirage), you will always get the same results: uniformity, stability, durability, better air quality, added value, and lifelong good looks.”

Admiration Colorado in Knotty Walnut

Admiration Colorado in Knotty Walnut from Mirage

Then there’s the Mirage commitment to sustainability.

All Mirage floors are produced in North America using only the finest quality hardwood from certified, responsibly managed forests.

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Furthermore, Mirage uses hypoallergenic wood finishes that are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde to ensure your surroundings remain healthy for you and your family for as long as you enjoy Mirage floors.

At Classique Floors + Tile, sustainability and responsible living matter intensely. We actively seek out flooring products that we can confidently recommend to customers like you concerned about the environment.

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Admiration Greystone in Maple from Mirage

Admiration Greystone in Maple from Mirage

Here’s why Classique recommends Mirage Hardwood Floors: product quality

Mirage truly takes product quality seriously. If you aren’t sure what that means when it comes to hardwood floors, then I invite you to watch this 11:32 video showing the wood flooring manufacturing process. It will give you a firsthand perspective on the steps Mirage takes to ensure consistent high quality.

(By the way, Classique Floors + Tile toured a Mirage manufacturing facility and experienced what you will see in this video, including how welcoming and proud every company representative was to show us around and show off their deep commitment to quality.)

A few highlights from the video:

  • Nothing but perfectly milled boards are produced.
  • The nanotechnology-based finishes make Mirage floors the most wear-resistant in the industry.
  • Research and development teams test product twice every hour; they run adherence, flexibility, abrasion and scrub tests on every production shift.

The Mirage Hardwood Floors warranty

Renowned for its high standards and uncompromising hardwood product quality, Mirage offers a lifetime limited structural warranty on all its floors. That means your floor will stay beautiful for generations to come.

It also offers a 35-year warranty against wear of finish for residential applications, and a 3-year warranty against wear of finish for light commercial applications.

>> Learn more about the Mirage Wood Flooring warranty.

Sweet Memories Handcrafted White Oak in Carousel

Sweet Memories Handcrafted White Oak in Carousel

Your Portland, Oregon area flooring resource for Mirage Hardwood floors!

Classique Floors + Tile is so pleased to offer you and install beautiful Mirage Hardwood floors and excited to share with you what we love about Mirage…

Sweet Memories Aged Maple in Black Jelly Beach from Mirage

Sweet Memories Aged Maple in Black Jelly Beach from Mirage

Ready to shop Classique Floors + Tile and pick the perfect Mirage Hardwood floor?

We invite you to visit our Portland, Oregon showroom to explore the many hardwood flooring options we carry. We think you’ll find the perfect flooring for your home.

Or schedule an in-home, customized project assessment. Your Classique project consultant will guide you through everything from initial estimate to product selection to final installation, answering all your questions.

You’ll be delighted. We promise.

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