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The Classique Blog offers hints and ideas for decorating, interior design, remodeling and other interests of home and hearth.
Our cork purses are available in a wide range of styles, look fabulous
and stand the test of time.

Since remodeling trends are constantly changing, we want to make sure we’re ahead of the curve by keeping our website content fresh and engaging. In the last six months we’ve added three main sections to our website that may be of interest to you:

Classique Blog

 Our blog offers tips and hints for remodeling, organizing, buying green, and more. We’ve covered things like the tiny house trend in Portland, distinctive hardware stores, organizing tricks, and, of course, flooring ideas.


Commercial Flooring Page 

Since a large percentage of our business is large flooring and tile projects in private and public sector buildings, we make it a point to offer project management, competitive pricing and selection to commercial contractors, as well as more than 30 years of experience. We recently added a Commercial Flooring section to our website accessed by the high level button in the upper right hand corner.


Cork Purses Page 

Late last year we expanded our line of cork purses, which are gorgeous, durable, scratch-resistant, and chic. Whether you’re looking for a wallet purse, a backpack purse, a clutch or a tradition handbag, you’ll find the style that suits your fashion sense. Most are available in a variety of patterns, and all of them are conversation pieces. Check out our Cork Purses page to find out more.


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