How a Flooring Remodel Transformed an Historic McMinnville, Oregon Home

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how much the right floors can transform a home. That’s why we’re documenting this flooring remodel in McMinnville, Oregon.

In this remodel story, a three-bedroom, two-bath historic house was totally re-imagined with cork, carpet, tile, Marmoleum, refinished wood floors and a new kitchen countertop, too.

We caught up with owner Jennifer Morrow to learn more.

CF+T: Jennifer, could you describe your home and why you decided to remodel it?

JM: This house is an old Craftsman house, built in 1905, that I used as my company office from 2001 to 2017. I purchased it in late 2000 and moved my office in between Christmas 2000 and New Year 2001.

When McMinnville, Oregon became more popular as a food and wine destination and I realized we didn’t need all the space (my staff shrank to 4), it seemed like a good idea to turn the house into a vacation rental.

The house has beautiful woodwork downstairs. Some rooms needed remodeling; most just needed updating to take it back to a more historic style.

Jennifer Morrow with her daughter when she moved into this Craftsman house in McMinnville, Oregon.

Jennifer Morrow with her daughter when she moved into this Craftsman house in McMinnville, Oregon. Notice the beautiful woodwork.

CF+T: What did you choose for your flooring remodel and why?

JM: When I got to know you, Judith, you explained that Classique Floors + Tile refinished floors, so the first step was to have your team (after moving stuff out) come in to demolish the upstairs carpeted rooms to find out what was under the carpet.

Two of the rooms had floors that were still the original fir, ready to be refinished and brought back to the house’s natural state. The rest were just particle board so we  chose cork for those, for the warmth of color, natural feel and look.

Downstairs in the kitchen was basic linoleum and we (my mother and I) decided that Marmoleum was a good choice.

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For the kitchen, a new red formica countertop ties into the Painters Palette Marmoleum and paint colors.

For the kitchen, a new red formica countertop ties into the Painters Palette Marmoleum and paint colors.

We also chose a new red formica countertop for the kitchen to tie into the paint colors and Marmoleum (Painters Palette) chosen.

We were considering Marmoleum for the remodeled downstairs bath, but ended up with a tile instead, which I love, based on a picture (see below) I fell in love with.

CF+T: What were you looking to achieve with this flooring remodel?

JM: I wanted to recreate the historic feel of the house through just the right details and product choices.

My Classique Floors + Tile project consultant was good at giving me ideas and letting me know if mine made sense or not.

CF+T: How long did it take to research, come up with options, make decisions, install your flooring selections…?

JM: The entire project took months… The demo to tell us what was under the old carpet was in February of 2016… Then we moved furniture and emptied rooms in March. We didn’t move the rest of us (our office and furniture) out and into the cottage next door until the summer.

Then, once the floors were empty Classique came in to do the refinishing and lay the cork.

The painters started October 31. The Marmoleum came in at the end of November.

The downstairs bathroom was tiled during that time frame, Then, finally, the carpet was installed early in February 2017.

CF+T: What do you like most about the final results?

JM: The refinished wood floors transformed those upstairs rooms which now feel very warm and welcoming. The cork is wonderful and the Marmoleum adds just the right tone and feel to the kitchen, and pulls all of the new colors together. It feels right for the house.

CF+T: Did you have situations where you brought something home and decided you no longer liked it?

JM: Yes, it made such a difference to look at samples in the house! We went back and forth with a couple of different carpet samples, and then put them on the steps where they would be, and that made a difference in the context of the wood trim, the floor, etc.

It's important to look at flooring samples in the house - in this case, a carpet sample.

It’s important to look at flooring samples in the house – in this case, a carpet sample.

Also I fell in love with a blue Marmoleum sample, but when I got it back to look at with the wallpaper and colors, it was too much and didn’t work with the full scheme. The wallpaper became the touchstone for the upstairs colors. It’s just in the stairwell landing but ties everything upstairs together.

As you can see in the image below, we needed the different elements to work together.

CF+T: How did you find out about Classique?

JM: I first learned about Classique when I met you, Judith, in that seminar we were both attending. And, then we started doing some messaging, branding and website work together for Classique Floors + Tile.

I had heard the radio ads that you have recorded for Classique. Unfortunately, with my office being more than an hour away in McMinnville, I don’t regularly drive by the store. I tend to avoid Portland traffic unless it’s to head downtown for shopping or dining.

CF+T: How did Classique Floors + Tile help you with your flooring remodel process?

JM: My Classique project consultant was incredibly helpful! We met initially at the store, picking out samples which I took home so I could look at them on the floor, and in the different spaces.

She came to my home to measure and evaluate the space and help with design recommendations. We spent a lot of time on the phone together. When I discovered that some samples didn’t work, she found other samples to send me to try out. She also helped with general information about pricing and evaluating the costs of different options (for example, the tile I chose was approximately the same price as the Marmoleum we were originally considering for the downstairs bathroom). In addition to pricing out the entire flooring remodel, she coordinated the schedule and followed up with me to verify when installers were showing up, etc.

CF+T: What advice would you offer someone in a similar situation?

JM: Definitely allow for plenty of time, get samples to look at in the actual space, and take pictures. Sometimes you see things in pictures that you don’t notice in person.

CF+T: Thank you, Jennifer!

Are you ready for a flooring remodel in your home?

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You’ll be delighted, we promise!

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