How to Bring Mid-Century Modern to Your Portland Home

If you’re looking to bring a mid-century modern touch to your Portland home, you’ve come to the right place!

What is Mid-Century Modern?

As 10 Easy Ways to Get Mid-Century Style in Your Home explains,

“The term „Mid-Century” was employed in the mid-1950s, and, after twenty years in 1983, reaffirmed by Cara Greenberg in the title of her book, Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s, celebrating the style that is now recognized by scholars and museums worldwide as a significant design movement. The Mid Century decor reflects the extra ordinary charm of that era, featuring unique, natural furniture, autumn and warm colors complemented by geometric wallpapers and  distinctive, retro decorative elements.” 

In that description, note the terms natural (i.e., wood), autumn and warm colors, not to mention geometrics. Teak wood is a natural for Mid-Century furniture; simple, clean and minimal table legs add lightness to lower spaces and boldly shaped light fixtures bring visual interest to upper spaces.

Clean, simple lines for the home

This 1950s-modern style brought clean, simple lines to post-war American suburban homes. According to Wikipedia,

“This style emphasized creating structures with ample windows and open floor plans, with the intention of opening up interior spaces and bringing the outdoors in. “

This look also brought new-technology products to the home: colorful wall-to-wall carpeting often in gold, avocado green or any number of brilliant blues, similarly colorful laminate countertops, rounded furniture and egg-shaped chairs only possible with the new plastics.

Wikipedia lists many examples of Mid-Century Modern in Palm Springs. To such an extent that it inspired a Mid-Century tiny home design – all in tile – during Coverings 2017, the largest tile & stone exhibition in North America. Designer Kim Lewis was inspired by the “seamless indoor and outdoor living in Palm Springs, and the concentration of gorgeous mid-century homes there.”

Mid-Century Modern Tiny Home Design Inspired by Palm Springs

Below you see her tiny home design fully installed. Notice the open space, the bold splashes of color, the geometric shapes as well as the textured tile walls in white and teal.

>> See Tile Accentuates Mid-Century Tiny Home Design: Kim Lewis at Coverings17

Tile Accentuates Mid-Century Tiny Home Design: Kim Lewis at Coverings17

How can you add Mid-Century Modern to your home?

If you’re looking to bring the Mid-Century Modern vibe to your home, you are most probably looking for:

  • Bold touches of color
  • Geometric shapes
  • Textures
  • Wood looks
  • Clean lines
  • Modern

Classique can definitely help you.

Classique can help you add Mid-Century Modern to your home

What Mid-Century Modern Items Can You Find at Classique Floors + Tile?

Let’s start with pops of color.

The image above features a Pratt & Larson kitchen backsplash designed by Joe Fraley against a countertop that could as easily be a laminate or a granite surface.

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Note the contrast between the orange, light teal blue and dark red in alternating square and rectangular shapes, combined with the yellow wall paint.

Then, there are geometric shapes.

Hexagons remain an important trend (see 7 Tile Trends to Consider for Your Oregon Home). They work in large sizes and small ones.

This deep ocean blue hexagon tile is called Odyssey by Cepac Tile. It is concave, adding a different look and feel to the hexagon. Perfect for a mid-century backsplash design statement.

Blue concave hexagon tile called Odyssey by Cepac Tile 

For a floor, consider this hexagon tile in contrasting colors to add a different kind of pop. You can also select Contour by Cepac Tile in solid colors.

Contour Hexagon Tile by Cepac Tile

If you prefer a twist on hexagons, try a Green Elongated Hex Backsplash like the one you see below.

Green Elongated Hex Backsplash

Or, add a suggestion of a curve to the elongated hexagon shape for an Elongated Ogee Backsplash tile, also by Pratt & Larson.

Elongated Ogee Backsplash tile, also by Pratt & Larson.

This Cat’s Eye tile by Cepac Tile completely eliminates the angle as you see in the image below.

Cat's Eye tile by Cepac Tile

What about combining these classic muted penny rounds with a patterned carpet? If you don’t want a wall-to-wall look, you can easily have us at Classique create an area rug for you.

Classic Penny Rounds by Cepac Tile

Or, consider a repeating Scales pattern

Scales by Intrepid Rocks

Textures in white

As you saw in the Coverings tiny house above, white tile textures add a sense of spaciousness combined with visual interest. Here are three examples to inspire you.

La Moda Wall by Surface Art

La Moda Wall by Surface Art

From Statements, Wow Subway Lab Dome:

And Crayons which is an elongated hexagon with an undulating surface:

Color on the Walls

No Mid-Century Modern remodel project is complete without touches of color on walls you decided not to tile. Instead, consider paint.

Classique now carries a line of paint called Tribute made by Kilz. It’s a great paint and primer in one. You’ll find all the sample cards in the showroom.

Tribute made by Kilz. It's a great paint and primer in one.

What About the Floors?

Carpet or Rugs

In addition to tile, carpet or area rugs, you have many other possibilities to explore at Classique!

>> See All About Carpet Styles: Frieze, Berber, Loop, Patterned and More

Wood-Inspired Floors

Wood floors are a natural for mid century inspired furniture – whether hardwood or engineered.

>> See For High Quality Wood Flooring, Select Mirage Hardwood Floors at Classique Floors + Tile

You can find that wood-look for your floors in other products, too:

Industrial Looks for your Floors

Or, you may prefer some really cool gray tones and industrial looks in COREtec that would go perfectly with modern tile.

>> See COREtec Flooring, the Ideal Waterproof Solution for Your Floors

We like to think we have it all!

Are You Ready to Bring Mid-Century Modern to Your Oregon Home?

You’ll find a multitude of beautiful options at Classique. Our team of consultants, designers, and installers will make sure you end up with just the right look for your home.

When you visit our Portland, Oregon showroom, one of our Classique Floors + Tile project consultants will be happy to guide you through everything from initial estimate to product selection to final installation.

You’ll be delighted, we promise!

Thanks for reading,


Image credits: Statements, Cepac Tile, Intrepid Marble & Granite, Pratt & Larson

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