A new trend in website retailing is revolutionizing how we shop

   If you like shopping to feel like a competitive sport, complete with nail-biting tension and requiring quick reflexes and decisiveness, flash sale websites should appeal to you. Instead of merely listing their inventory for you to purchase when you feel like it, flash sale sites give you a set time period, such as 72 hours, in which to buy their wares. Since there is only a set number of a given item, this shopping experience feels more like a game, giving you an added thrill when you buy something before it sells out.

Unlike Ebay, all of the items are new, and you pay a set price, not a bid, and, in many cases, you are put a waiting list before you can even shop the site. The items offered on flash sale websites are often relatively unique and vary in price from low cost to extremely expensive, depending on the item.

Tip: You’ll find the best deals when you look for the clearance section on these sites.

Here are list of a few flash sale websites that are fun to peruse:

trellis benchOne Kings Lane

If World Market and Anthropologie conspired to create a flash sale website, it would probably look like One Kings Lane. Offering a plethora of art prints, furniture, throw pillows and other decor accessories, One Kings Lane is a great site to spend time on when you have an hour to kill and are looking for that “just-right thing” to give your home a little added pizzazz. The ampersand wall accent pictured above is from One Kings Lane (Sorry! It’s sold out), and, like Anthropologie, it marries a frilly Old World sensibility with a well-traveled, exotic aesthetic.


tsunami_vaseTouch of Modern

On the other end of the style spectrum, Touch of Modern offers decorative items with clean lines and a minimum of detail as well as Sharper-Image-like gadgets that you didn’t know that you needed until now. Many of the items are products fueled by Kickstarter funds, such as the Touchfire keyboard for iPad and the Rocket Egg, a futuristic poached egg holder. If you think utilitarian items should also act as art pieces in your home, Touch of Modern is the site for you.



teakwood clockDot & Bo

Each of the piece on Dot & Bo’s website are truly unique and seem to tell a story of some kind. Whether it’s a USB iPhone dock shaped like Buddha, a piece of geometric pottery, a whimsical gravity-defying sideboard or a red bowl that appears to be made of red sticks, anything you buy at this site is almost certain to be a conversation piece. We like the teak wood clock (pictured) that projects the date, time and temperature in varying intervals but only when you tap the top or snap your fingers.






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