Kitchen and Bath Remodeling: an Interview with Eric Eaton

Chances are, if you’re thinking about tile for your home, you’re also thinking about kitchen and bath remodeling. If that’s the case, you’ll want to read this interview with award-winning kitchen and bath remodeler Eric Eaton of Eaton General Construction.

We caught up with Eric in anticipation of his Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Seminar on July 30 at 11:00 am at Classique Floors + Tile when he will offer tips about how to get the most out of your kitchen, bath and home remodeling projects.

Eric Eaton Discusses Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

CT+F: Eric, tell us about your background in kitchen and bath remodeling.

EE: I come from long lines of carpenters.

In fact, one of the first carpenters to the “new world” was an ancestor Frances Eaton (Recorded on the mayflowers ships rolls as a “carpenter” in 1620).

I have been working in the construction industry since the age of 18.  I have over 23 years of extensive commercial and residential  work experience.

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CT+F: Tell us about Eaton General Construction

EE: Eaton General Construction was founded in 2002 by myself.

We are a professional home remodeling company specializing in “old homes”, especially kitchens, baths, basements and attic remodels.   We are self-described “old house geeks.”

Here’s an example of a historic remodel we did.

Historic home remodeling: Eaton Construction

Historic home remodeling: Eaton Construction

CT+F: What is your role with Eaton General Construction?

EE: My official role in the company is the owner, but I am blessed with an outstanding office and field staff.

I am the primary contact for all customers and still do all my own estimates as project management.

CT+F: What are the top trends in kitchen and bath remodeling?

EE: I have been seeing a trend for a while of a lot of re-purposed items being integrated into a remodel (salvage barn wood walls, industrial fixtures) overall creating a very eclectic look.

I have also noticed that kitchens are becoming a lot less formal and detouring from the traditional layout.

We have been creating dedicated work areas such as (baking center, prep areas media storage/charging etc). Many times these items are in different colors, textures and heights.

CT+F: What advice do you have for someone remodeling a kitchen or bathroom?

EE: My advice for someone remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is to have a reasonable budget and most importantly, let their contractor know.

Many times I see projects designed far beyond what the customer had budgeted.  A budget should not be a secret, it helps your contractor provide your designer with valuable information regarding costs.

CT+F: What advice do you have about selecting tile for those spaces?

EE:  Find something appropriate for its location.  For example, ceramics are best on the walls, porcelains on the floor and counters etc.

Also, tile has become a lot less maintenance with the modern urethane grouts available recently.

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CT+F: Which are your favorite tile styles and why?

EE: My favorite tile styles.  Hmmm, that’s a good question.

I am kinda a purist.  I like seeing classic subway and small hex tiles in old home kitchens and baths.

Here’s an example of subway tile in a kitchen.

Classic subway tile in this kitchen remodel by Eaton Construction

Classic subway tile in this kitchen remodel by Eaton Construction

And here’s an example of small tile in an old home bath.

Small tile in a historic home bathroom remodel by Eaton Construction

Small tile in a historic home bathroom remodel by Eaton Construction

I like large format tiles tile in modern homes, either strait lay or random, and full height to the ceiling tile in showers and kitchen backsplashes.

This is an example of brick look tile used in full height to the ceiling for a focal wall in a kitchen.

Brick look tile used full length as a focal wall in this kitchen remodel by Eaton Construction

Brick look tile used full length as a focal wall in this kitchen remodel by Eaton Construction

Lately we have been covering the entire “wet” wall in kitchens and bathrooms.  I really like that look.

CT+F: Which are the best sources of kitchen and bath inspiration in the Portland area?

EE: Some of the best sources for inspiration in Portland are only a key stroke away.

Houzz, Pinterest are a couple examples.  You can search what’s trending in Portland and see how the finished product looks installed. Its makes it real easy for your contractor to “get a feel” of what you are thinking and creates a more accurate cost estimate.

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CT+F: What is the best way to learn more about Eaton General Construction?

EE: The best way to learn about Eaton Construction is to give us a call at 503.539.0811 and set up a meet and greet!  Here’s how to contact us online. Be sure, too, to visit our website and explore the different projects we have completed in the Portland, OR area. It’s an awesome website!

Here’s an example of an addition we completed.

A home addition completed by Eaton Construction

A home addition completed by Eaton Construction

You’ll find, too, that Eaton Construction has solid online reviews city wide and neighborhood specific.

CF+T: Eric, thanks very much!

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You’ll be delighted. We promise.

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