Make Statements with Tile: an Interview with Jessica Milano, Statements Tile

Have you considered how easy it is to make statements with tile? That, of course, assumes you have the right selection to choose from for that perfect floor or accent wall and the right approach to making a statement.

Jessica Milano from Statements Tile knows about both as you will discover in this interview with her.

You can also meet Jessica in person when she presents “Make Statements With Tile!!!” on August 6 at 11:00 am at Classique Floors + Tile. She will definitely inspire you as she showcases her line of statement-making tile including ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone, metal and handmade tiles.

Statements’ Jessica Milano Discusses How to Make Statements with Tile

CF+T: Jessica, tell us about your background.

JM: I have a total of 11 years in tile and slab sales and distribution experience.

CF+T: What is Statements Tile’s specialty?

JM: Statements Tile is known for unique tile that is eye catching and of the most superior quality. Our products include a wide selection of porcelain, ceramic, glass, stone, metal and wood.

We pride ourselves on a Northwest color palette.

Statements Tile is extremely environmentally conscious and offers many lines that can contribute to LEED points for green building. We also started the very first tile recycling program in Seattle, and run our warehouse and showroom as efficiently as we possibly can in regards to energy use and waste production.

Statements Tile is known for unique tile that is eye catching and of the most superior quality

CF+T: What is your role at Statements Tile?

JM: I am the Oregon and Southern Washington territory sales representative for Statements Tile.

CF+T: What are the top trends in tile?

JM: The top trends in tile include large format porcelain, hexagons and other innovative shapes, cool neutral colors and neutral pastels, and wood tile.

CF+T: How do you make a statement with tile?

JM: I am all about using traditional looking products in non-traditional ways. For example,

  • Black and white bathrooms with a hexagon tile that is a larger format than usual
  • Random patterns
  • Subway tile in unusual sizes
  • Placing porcelain wood-looks in parts of the home where you wouldn’t typically use wood, such as on a shower wall, or set in a way that you wouldn’t see wood done in, such as a herringbone pattern.

CF+T: What advice do you have for someone remodeling a space with tile?

JM: Tile does not wear out so choose something that you are going to really love for a long time, not just because it’s the latest trend.

Choosing a product that really matches the period and style of the home is the best way to keep from having it look dated too quickly.

Remodeling is very stressful and most people don’t want to make a regular habit of it!

CF+T: Which are your favorite tile styles and why?

JM: I really love the Statements’ Tabarka line. It is a hand painted Terracotta and the colors and patterns truly look like art, each one unique all on its own.

The shapes of the tile are truly innovative in beautiful neutrals.

Statements' Tabarka line. It is a hand painted Terracotta.

I also love our Kingwood Intarsio Hexagon tile; it is so pretty!

It captures the wood tile look in a large format hexagon shape.

Kingwood Intarsio Hexagon tile

CF+T: Thank you, Jessica!

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