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If you care about using sustainable products as much as we do at Classique Floors + Tile, you’ll want to consider tile since it’s such a perfect eco-friendly flooring solution. We briefly explained why in Convenient Truths: Green flooring is less expensive and more accessible. Here’s more.

We love tile. Yes, it’s a practical hard surface for the home. It’s also a beautiful, intensely visual and design-friendly floor and wall surface material. It’s long-lasting to boot, not to mention a strong green flooring option whether made of natural stone or created through a tile manufacturing process.

So, what makes tile such a natural choice? Let’s explore based on two powerful resources from the Tile Council of North America (TCNA).

Here’s Why Tile is so Eco-Friendly!

Tile: The Natural Choice

Have you explored the TCNA’s free bulletin titled “Tile: the Natural Choice”? It describes in depth the performance and sustainability-related attributes of ceramic tile. The 45-page publication is a testament to the eco-friendliness of tile.

Tile: The Natural Choice from TCNA

As the TCNA brochure states,

Tile stands the test of time

Simply think of historic buildings around you made with tile. For example, the Portland City Hall Building built in 1895 or the Pittock Mansion built in 1914.

Admire the tile in this Pittock Mansion bathroom

Admire the tile in this Pittock Mansion bathroom! Image credit: PhotoAtelier on Flickr


Tile inspires design

The design possibilities of tile are limitless! For inspiration explore Instagram, Pinterest or Houzz for ideas. Here’s an example from Classique Floors + Tile on Instagram of inspiring tile designs:

Tile embodies unequaled versatility

More specifically, ceramic tile is hypoallergenic, easy to sterilize, fire resistant, resistant to chemicals, stain resistant and easy to clean.

Tile is durable and able to withstand heavy foot and wheel traffic; it can even have enhanced traction to prevents slips and falls.

You’ll find tile that is applicable for dry, wet and submerged applications (i.e., bathrooms, showers, pools) as well as exteriors even in freeze/thaw climates.

Tile embodies robust sustainability!

And then there is robust sustainability, something that the City of Portland offers a great deal of information on, for flooring as well as wall tiles. More specifically,

  • Recycled content, waste reclamation and building material reuse of tile

Recycled-content tile can be used for floors, countertops and walls, and may be made from either recycled glass or wastes from mines or factories.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles may be made from factory waste (known as post-industrial waste) generated by the production of conventional tiles. Some manufacturers, such as Crossville Tile, produce tiles that contain 50 percent to 100 percent in-house manufacturing waste — waste that would otherwise have ended up in landfills.

  • Exceptional tile life-cycle cost means best value for customers homeowners and commercial facility owners

Tile – whether quarry tile, glazed ceramic floor tile, glazed porcelain tile, mosaic tile and unglazed porcelain tile – have a lower installed cost and life-cycle cost than many other flooring options according to the TCNA Green Report – Life-cycle Cost Study (on page 53 of “Tile: the Natural Choice”).

  • Regional tile manufacturing and raw materials.

Classique Floors + Tile is a proud dealer of Pratt and Larson tile handcrafted ceramic tile, based right here in Portland, Oregon.

Some tile setting materials are made in the US, too. In fact, LATRICRETE International manufactures some of their LATICRETE thinsets, grouts and mortars at their new plant in Lebanon, Oregon, just 81 miles south of Portland.

  • Tile: an ideal eco-friendly flooring choice for indoor air quality and zero VOCs. More on that below.
  • From an energy perspective, tile can lower energy needs for both heating and cooling. It works wonderfully with radiant heating and it doesn’t require harsh chemicals for maintenance.

If you are involved in Green Building credits and requirements, you’ll find helpful information in the TCNA Bulletin including a guide to LEED v4 and tile and one to the EPD for Ceramic Tile Made in the USA.

Then there’s Green Squared Certified for “Stress free Sustainability.”


Green Squared looks at all of the steps involved in the lifecycle of tile to ensure that each meets rigorous sustainability requirements (think “cradle-to-grave” standard).

When you visit Classique Floors + Tile, you’ll find that some tile products from Daltile, American Olean and Florida Tile show G2 designation on the sample boards.

Ceramic Tile: For a Safe and Healthy Home

The TCNA has also issued a free one-page bulletin titled Ceramic Tile: For a Safe and Healthy Home. It explains what makes tile such a healthy flooring option for your home, in addition to being so eco-friendly.

  • Ceramic tile is made of clay and other naturally-occurring minerals. That makes it free of formaldehyde, VOCs, and PVC resin.
  • Ceramic tile is available in a multitude of choices that, when wet, are slip resistant.
  • It is non-flammable, too.

Ceramic Tile: For a Safe and Healthy Home from TCNA

We encourage you to read through both documents for more details on what makes tile such a sustainable flooring product.

Ready to Explore Your Eco-Friendly Tile Options?

Would you like to explore tile and other eco-friendly flooring options available at Classique?

We’re here to help you get started with sustainable flooring options and invite you to visit our Portland, Oregon showroom. Your Classique Floors + Tile project consultant will guide you through everything from initial estimate to product selection to final installation.

We have an extensive selection of beautiful tile to choose from. You’ll be delighted, we promise!

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