Meet Annette Leoni-Idler, Classique Floors + Tile Showroom Manager
Have you met Annette Leoni-Idler? She’s our Showroom Manager for Classique Floors + Tile and the first to participate in this blog interview series about the people of Classique Floors.

As Showroom Manager, Annette ensures you’ll be delighted from the moment you step into Classique Floors + Tile to final installation and beyond. That is our promise. She and our entire team of Classique Floors project consultants will guide you through everything from initial estimate to product selection to final installation, answering your toughest questions to earn your trust and keep it.

Introducing Classique Floors + Tile Showroom Manager, Annette Leoni-Idler

CF+T: Annette, tell us about your background. Are you from Portland?

AL: I was born and raised in Rupert, Idaho in an area called Little Italy. My grandparents settled there after mining gold in Colorado. Many people had been dying from black lung disease so when we heard of the Minidoka dam being built on the Snake River and jobs were offered to help build the dam and the canals plus farm land was reasonable, we moved to Idaho.

We had 85 acres and I spent a lot of my childhood roaming around with my dog among the other fun “farm” things to do…

CF+T: How did you come to Classique?

AL: I worked for another tile company and Judith stole me from them… probably shouldn’t say that. 🙂 I met Judith and we hit it off. She offered me a job in her new showroom that was in the process of opening. That was in 2004.

CF+T: What is your role with the company?

AL: I’m Showroom Manager & team mom for Classique Floors.

Introducing Showroom Manager, Annette Leoni-Idler Classique Floors + Tile

CF+T: What are the biggest trends in flooring and tile that you see affecting your customers?

AL: There are two big new product trends we’re seeing in flooring: WPC or Wood Plastic/Polymer Composite flooring and Luxury Vinyl Plank/Tile. Both are waterproof.

WPC flooring is virtually kid and pet proof, and handles everyday living extremely well. The best and original WPC flooring is COREtec flooring which you’ll find at Classique.

>> See COREtec Flooring, the Ideal Waterproof Solution for Your Floors

LVT is also extremely versatile. It comes in many colors and styles to fit everyone’s preferences.

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CF+T: How would you recommend to visitors that they prepare for a flooring, countertop or tile project?

AL: We share with the client that a flooring, countertop or tile project is a big commitment and that it doesn’t happen overnight. We suggest that clients take samples home to make sure they like the product in their light and with their furnishings.

We then do an in-home evaluation and make sure we understand everything there is to know about their living situation so their installation goes as smoothly as possible.

For example, if they’re looking at carpet, we’ll ask to find out what their expectations are about carpet styles, vacuum marks, durability and more, and we’ll make sure they understand the importance of new carpet cushion.

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I would let them know that installation can take a few days and their lives will be affected but it will be well worth it once it is finished.

Annette loves hiking, camping and more in Oregon

CF+T: Which are your favorite Classique products and why?

AL: I love tile… So many different styles, colors and sizes to choose from. Tile is classy and glamorous.

CF+T: What is your favorite source of flooring design ideas?

AL: I love Houzz.

CF+T: Annette, which is your favorite picture of feet on the floor picture? Why?

AL: The cowboy boots on the back of my business card! Because I get so many compliments every time I wear them!

Those are the boots pictured above.

Annette spending quality time with her husband

Annette and her husband, Matt

CF+T: What do you like to do outside of Classique Floors?

AL: I love to spend time with my grandsons (3 of them), as well as gardening, golf, hiking, camping and spending quality time with my husband, Matt.

CF+T: What is your favorite vacation spot?

AL: My all-time favorite vacation spot is Maui.

CF+T: And what is your favorite restaurant, or type of food?

AL: I love Nuestra Cocina in southeast Portland, Oregon. Mexican food is my favorite.

CF+T: Thank you, Annette!

We invite you to visit our Portland, Oregon showroom to meet Annette Leoni-Idler in person. She and your Classique Floors project consultant will guide you through everything from initial estimate to product selection to final installation. You’ll be delighted, we promise!

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