Meet DeLayne Brown, Project Consultant for Classique Floors + Tile

Meet Delayne Brown, a Classique Floors + Tile Project Consultant and next in this blog interview series about the people of Classique. As we explain in How We Work, your Project Consultant is a true expert ready to help and advise, show you what works for your space, offer product ideas and work with your budget. He or she will ask lots of questions to better understand your project, requirements and expectations.

So far, you’ve met Annette Leoni-Idler, Classique Floors + Tile Showroom Manager, and Project Consultant Patrick Scott.

Introducing DeLayne Brown, Project Consultant for Classique Floors + Tile

CF+T: Delayne, what is your background? Are you from Portland?

DB: I moved to Portland in 2002, and I have always been thankful to locate to such a beautiful region, rich in creativity, culture, art and design.

In Idaho I owned a full scale design-furniture store with co-op partners for 23 years. I have been an artist since childhood and a professional interior designer since 1991. Professional faux paint and mural artist are among my many pursuits.

I have contracted for new builds, commercial and residential. I wrote an interior design column for the newspaper for several years and served as a planning commissioner in Idaho and Washington State.

CF+T: How did you come to Classique?

DB: Always curious about design venues and trends, I wandered into Classique and loved the look and feel of the store and its people- the “heart and soul” of any business. I knew that eventually I would be here as part of their family.

CF+T: What is your role with the company?

DB: I love my career as an interior designer in sales at Classique Floors + Tile. My love of people and their stories are the draw to design with their needs in mind.

For some clients, working with an interior designer is scary. My goal is to take down that fear.

Their story, their families, their living style interests me. Everyone has a story and I like to know that story in order to meet their needs in the best way possible.  THEY will live in the space and it must reflect their needs and wants. I believe this is the key element to good design.

Delayne loves to visit a job after a beautiful hardwood floor installation.

Delayne loves to visit a job after a beautiful hardwood floor installation.


CF+T: What are the biggest trends in flooring and tile that you see affecting customers?

DB: Our clients continually tell us they are looking for ease of caring for their surroundings, paired with beauty and comfort.

With busy families and careers, flooring such as hardworking luxury vinyl plank flooring fills the need for busy families; this flooring is available in tile-shaped formats, as well.

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Combine that with the ease of carpet, placed in other rooms, and you have the quiet luxury that feels soft and cozy.

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CF+T: How do you recommend that clients prepare for working with you?

DB: Because the Internet holds a wealth of information it is advisable to search websites such as our own at

Houzz is another great website for ideas. Print or save those areas to your tablet and bring us your ideas.

You can use your imagination, or use ours. We are happy to help you design a project and even pick your paint!

CF+T: Which are your favorite Classique products and why?

DB: My favorite products from Classique Floors + Tile are durable quartz countertops as well as luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring. This flooring is waterproof and so durable that our pets will have a tough time marring the surfaces. I have used both of these products, personally and believe in them whole-heartedly.

For me “bullet-proof” is a deciding factor.  I want my floors to look new after years of use. Ease of use and beauty make a product a win-win for clients.

Delayne's favorite feet on floors picture: gold sandals on carpet

Delayne’s favorite feet on floors picture: gold sandals on carpet

CF+T: Describe some favorite remodeling projects Classique has been involved in. What made them special?

DB: Classique Floors + Tile has been involved in so many wonderful projects; it is hard to choose a favorite.

The company involvement in Habitat for Humanity is near and dear to my heart. Employees, including myself have been involved in building Habitat houses. Giving back to a community where you live, work, and play only makes our lives better. 

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CF+T: Where do you find ideas to inspire your clients?

DB: Because I have been an artist an entire lifetime, I tend to look for inspiration in everything. The beautiful outdoors inspires me in color and texture. I love the ruggedness of leaves and tree branches and find the intricacies of their make-up fascinating. I can then bring ideas inside to create something unique for my client. 

CF+T: Which is your favorite picture of feet on the floor? Why?

DB: I love the golden sandals on the sumptuous printed carpet.  It looks luxurious and soft

CF+T: What do you like to do outside of Classique Floors + Tile?

DB: My grandchildren are my first love. I have to fly to visit them but go as often as I can.

Delayne visiting with her grandchildren.

Delayne visiting with her grandchildren.


I am an avid vintage British car fanatic /owner and am a member of Portland Triumph Owners Association. We boast over 350 members who own a variety of vintage TriumphTR-6, TR-2, TR250, TR3A Stags, Spitfires, Heralds, and on and on.  We tour and wine taste as well as display and compete our cars in large shows, drawing from all over the country.

Delayne, a member of Portland Triumph Owners Association

Delayne, a member of Portland Triumph Owners Association


I have always had ski boat and love the water here in the Gorge area. Gardening is a passion, flowers and color inspire me.

CF+T: What is your favorite vacation spot? Why?

DB: Italy is the most magical country and I have made several Italian friends in my travels.

Closer to home, I love the people of Mexico and try to visit yearly.

Delayne enjoying Mexico

Delayne enjoying Mexico

CF+T: Delayne, what is your favorite restaurant or type of food?

DB: I love a good Seafood dinner.  The fresher the better!

CF+T: Thank you, Delayne!

We invite you to visit our Portland, Oregon showroom to meet Delayne Brown in person. As your Classique Floors + Tile project consultant, she will guide you through everything from initial estimate to product selection to final installation. You’ll be delighted, we promise!

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