Introducing Classique Floors + Tile Project Consultant, Kristina McClanahan

Have you met Kristina McClanahan? She is a Classique Floors + Tile Project Consultant ready to help and advise you, show you what works for your space, offer product ideas and work with your budget. She will ask you lots of questions to better understand your project, requirements and expectations.

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Introducing Classique Floors + Tile Project Consultant, Kristina McClanahan

CF+T: Kristina, what is your background. Are you from Portland?

KM: I’m originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. I started out in my late teens as a floral designer and have had creative design related jobs ever since.

I’ve been a professional mixed media artist showing in galleries since 1999. I came to Portland just shy of two years ago to expand my art career and get away from the California fast pace. I love it here!

CF+T: How did you come to Classique?

KM: I was a Flooring Specialist at Home Depot when a friend told me about a job opening at Classique that perfectly fit my experience and design background.

My dad was a contractor and I have been building/creating since I was a kid.

Meet Kristina McClanahan, Project Consultant at Classique Floors + Tile

CF+T: What is your role with the company?

KM: Officially, I’m an Interior Designer, but I feel like this is a great extension of my art career.

CF+T: What are the biggest trends in flooring and tile that customers are interested in?

KM: We have a lot of customers who are turning to Luxury Vinyl Plank for a durable waterproof option.

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In the tile world, subway tile is still popular but has now expanded into brighter colors, glass and larger format tiles arranged in subway formation.

CF+T: What are some of your favorite floors & tile in the Portland area?

KM: I’m a HUGE Pratt & Larson nerd and I’ve become the go-to girl for unusual tile designs and colors. I’ve installed tile myself and If I had to pick a material to sell here…tile is it!

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CF+T: How do you recommend that clients prepare to work with you?

KM: I like when customers have a picture or a color swatch of something in their home that really works for them and that they are drawn to. I can get a better idea what their design style is and what colors would factor in.

CF+T: Which are your favorite Classique products and why?

KM: Pratt and Larson (of course).  I also love Z Collection tiles.

CF+T: Describe some favorite remodeling projects you’ve been involved in. What made them special?

KM: I’m working on a tile job right now that has a great mid-century / whimsical vibe…really colorful and fun. On a houseboat!

Personally, I’m working on building furniture out of signs I painted for my deck.

CF+T: Where do you find ideas to inspire your clients?

KM: I’m a big fan of Pinterest.

We have a huge computer screen in the showroom and I’ll pull up my Pinterest account and search for examples of a particular design element while my customer is next to me—such as all white kitchens or marble countertops.

I think everyone can benefit from visuals and it’s nice to, for example, show a client several different ways to trim out tile.

Drawing by Kristina McClanahan

Drawing by Kristina McClanahan

CF+T: Which is your favorite picture of feet on the floor? Why?

KM: I think everyone here has a great picture of their feet on their business card! My card is my favorite Doc Martens with flames on a cool chevron tiled floor.

CF+T: What do you like to do outside of Classique?

KM: I’m working on putting together a collection of my embroideries for a future gallery show. In general, I’m a maker and I spend a lot of free time building and creating, both with my friends and on my own.

CF+T: What is your favorite vacation spot? Why?

KM: Not sure if I have a fave but wherever I go, I’m happiest near water.

CF+T: Favorite restaurant or type of food?

KM: Sushi for sure and my current favorite place for sushi is in my neighborhood—Shoko on Woodstock

CF+T: Thanks, Kristina!

Come Visit Classique and Meet Kristina in Person

We invite you to visit our Portland, Oregon showroom to meet Kristina in person. As your Classique Floors + Tile project consultant, she will guide you through everything from initial estimate to product selection to final installation.

You’ll be delighted, we promise!

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