Meet Megan Gebhardt, Classique Floors + Tile Project Consultant

Have you met Megan Gebhardt? She’s a Classique Floors + Tile Project Consultant and next in this blog interview series about the people of Classique. As we explain in How We Work, your Project Consultant is a true expert ready to help and advise, show you what works for your space, offer product ideas and work with your budget. He or she will ask lots of questions to better understand your project, requirements and expectations.

So far, you’ve met Annette Leoni-Idler, Classique Floors + Tile Showroom Manager.

Introducing Classique Floors + Tile Project Consultant, Megan Gebhardt

CF+T: Megan, what is your background. Are you from Portland?

MG: I grew up on a Morgan horse ranch that my parents designed and built in Sheridan, Wyoming. Dream childhood!

After a few moves from there to Montana and Sandy, Oregon, we ended up in San Antonio, TX where I spent my young teen and early 20s.

After visiting my brother who moved to Portland back in 1996, I knew I would end up here! Just loved it! I moved to Portland in 2000 and plan to call this “home” forever!

Introducing Classique Floors + Tile Project Consultant, Megan Gebhardt

Megan Gebhardt, Classique Floors + Tile Project Consultant

CF+T: How did you come to Classique?

MG: I got into flooring the year I moved here (in 2000) and haven’t looked back since. Design and remodeling have always had my heart strings. Namely being in sales prior to coming to Classique Floors + Tile, I knew I didn’t want to make a lateral move and just do sales any longer.

The idea of being a hands-on sales associate in tandem with design had me beyond intrigued.

CF+T: What is your role with the company?

MG: I am a Designer/Project manager. In that role, I help guide customers through the entire process — from initial flooring, tile or countertop estimate to product selection to final installation.

Megan Gebhardt, Classique Floors + Tile

Megan with her daughters

CF+T: What are the biggest trends in flooring and tile that you see affecting your customers?

MG: Large scale tile is huge right now. It impacts a space tremendously!

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There is also the influence of Europe that is always classic and beautiful, as well as stone mosaics on the floor and timeless old world looks.

CF+T: How do you recommend that clients prepare for working with you?

MG: Really honing in on “looks” that they like prior to meeting with me.

Visiting Houzz and gathering ideas from magazines is always helpful.

For me, visiting the home and seeing what the client already likes and leans toward in design also aids me to get a better idea of the direction in which to go.

Classique Floors + Tile Project Consultant, Megan Gebhardt's two daughters

Megan’s two daughters

CF+T: Which are your favorite Classique products and why?

MG: I like all things rustic and distressed. It’s just my natural propensity. Wood plank porcelain tile and of course anything Carrera marble! TILE TILE TILE Swoon!

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CF+T: Where do you find ideas to inspire your clients?

MG: Seeing their homes, how they live and hearing about how they want to express themselves.

CF+T: Which is your favorite picture of feet on the floor? Why?

MG: The one on my business card… (see image above). I dig hexagon tiles. Add the wood look to it-forget about it! Sold!

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Classique Floors + Tile Project Consultant, Megan Gebhardt's daughters

Megan’s daughters

CF+T: What do you like to do outside of Classique?

MG: I love to cook and update my own home’s design. And, I like to spend time with my daughter.

CF+T: What is your favorite vacation spot? Why?

MG: Maupin, Oregon is the latest place I have been to. It’s cozy and reclusive…

CF+T: Favorite restaurant or type of food?

MG: Vietnamese Pho – FO SURE!!!!! : )

CF+T: Thank you, Megan!

We invite you to visit our Portland, Oregon showroom to meet Megan Gebhardt in person. As your Classique Floors + Tile project consultant, she will guide you through everything from initial estimate to product selection to final installation. You’ll be delighted, we promise!

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