11 New Year Resolutions to Inspire Design and Sustainability Ideas

A New Year means new possibilities for your home, as well as yourself. And, by taking care of your home, you also take care of yourself. So why not embrace a few New Year Resolutions that might inspire design changes and sustainable improvements to delight your soul and your space?

Here are 11 resolutions for you to consider…

11 New Year Resolutions to Inspire Ideas Around Design and Sustainability

Why design and sustainability? Because we love the products we sell and how they transform a home. And, we are deeply committed to sustainability.

Ready to explore these resolutions with us?

1. Explore sustainable products at Classique Floors + Tile

When you explore the Classique showroom, you’ll discover an impressive selection of green-friendly choices in all our product lines, from glass tile and bamboo flooring to Marmoleum made from recycled linoleum, and more.

Because green flooring has evolved beyond trendy to be an important part of LEED standards in commercial buildings, costs have decreased for residential flooring options. Many manufacturers have embraced sustainability, adding lines that boast high percentages of recycled content and raw materials obtained from sustainable sources.

>> See Convenient Truths: Green flooring is less expensive and more accessible

Furthermore, Classique is officially Recycle-to-Work-certified by the City of Portland, meaning that we provide routine reports to the city to report our recycling progress. Since 2010, we have recycled 200 tons of carpeting annually.

Sustainable / Green flooring options from Classique Floors

2. Flooring choices make a difference

If you worry that your choices don’t make a difference, think again. For example,

Tip: Look for the Green Select Label. To earn a Green Select label, the product must currently be recyclable, contain a minimum of recycled material and/or be made from a natural, sustainable, quickly renewable resource. Ask one of our associates about Green Select products next time you’re in the store.

Look for the Green Select Label

3. Rethink your lighting

Check the lightbulbs in and around your home (don’t forget outside lights) and look for traditional incandescent light bulbs. Replace them with energy-efficient bulbs which not only use considerably less energy but also last significantly longer. Your options include:

  • Halogen incandescents
  • Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)
  • Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)

>> See How Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs Compare with Traditional Incandescents for more information.

Remember to turn off your lights when you leave a room – even if those lightbulbs cost very little to operate.

4. Protection adds to longevity

Taking care of the things you own makes sense; it also helps them last longer and perform better. Just as you regularly wash your clothes, you want to vacuum your floors, keep grit and dirt out of the house and wipe down your countertops.

Here’s advice on that:

>> How to Maintain Your Countertops

>> Want to Protect Your New Floors? Use Doormats.

Also, keep an eye out for furniture that might damage your floors. For example, add gliders to chairs so they move without scratching floor surfaces. Or, consider strategically placing an area rug under furniture groupings.

Protect your floors so they last longer

5. Moderate your temperatures

A relatively easy way to cut energy costs and minimize your carbon footprint is by moderating temperature on your heater and air conditioner. During the summer, consider being less cool, and in the winter, be less warm. When you’re not at home, reduce usage on both.

When it comes to cleaning your clothes, switch to cold water washing, too.

For other money-saving suggestions, check out 30 Little Resolutions That Will Save You Big from This Old House.

6. Eliminate Clutter

Clutter looms large in New Year resolution lists. It’s part of that ‘out with the old and in with the new’ feeling. Plus, it feels therapeutic to get rid of clutter and create calming empty spaces.

Clear countertops and other surfaces. Go through kitchen and bathroom drawers. As you organize, identify duplicate or unnecessary items. Make space in abandoned closets. Bring order to garage chaos.

Then, consider recycling or donating items to ReStore or SnowCap food bank.

Here are two decluttering resources to consult for more inspiration:

7. Prioritize

So you don’t get overwhelmed with all of that decluttering, definitely prioritize. Make a short list of the important things you want to get done around the house.

Maybe that includes a home remodel.

Or, maybe you have your heart set on refinishing your basement.

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We can help!

8. Think safety

A New Year is an ideal time for thinking about safety. Set Google reminders for changing the batteries in your smoke detectors and checking your HVAC system filters. Does everyone in your family check the lint trap?

9. Make sustainability easy to do

Sustainability benefits everyone. The easier it is to do, the more likely you and everyone in your household will get into the habit. Once you do, you won’t be able to imagine life without it.

If you like to compost, here’s an easy to use in-counter compost bin that you can include in new countertops. It has a stainless steel lid, is machine-washable and doesn’t take up any space on the counter. Plus, it’s attractively unobtrusive as you can see in the image below!

Here's an easy to use in-counter compost bin that you can include in new countertops

10. Add touches of luxury and color to your home.

Fresh touches of color and luxury can help cement fresh resolutions. You might want to find a plant or a colorful piece of artwork to place in a decluttered area. You might also consider how to refresh a space with a new tile backsplash or updated floor installation. You’ll find plenty of ideas and inspiration in this article:

11. Spend more time in conversation with people at home and less on devices/watching TV.

Finally, commit to downtime with people in your newly updated and decluttered spaces. Banish devices so you can enjoy old-fashioned IRL (in real life) interactions and decompress through conversation and laughter.

Ready to Find Inspiration for this New Year? Visit Classique Floors + Tile!

We invite you to visit our Portland, Oregon showroom to explore what’s possible for your home. Or schedule an in-home project assessment. Your Classique project consultant will guide you through everything from initial estimate to product selection to final installation.

You’ll be delighted. We promise.

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