Ready to Delight You With Tile Trends, Remodeling Ideas and Products

At Classique Floors + Tile, we want to delight you with tile trends, remodeling ideas and products. That’s what we aim to do every day in our showroom, on our website and in these blog articles.

Last December, we recapped the year on the Classique Floors + Tile Blog in Answers to Your Flooring and Design Questions, organizing the different articles by product category to better help you as you make decisions about the kinds of products to purchase for your floors and home.

We continue that tradition in this article.

How to Bring Mid-Century Modern to Your Portland Home

Ready to Delight You With Product & Design Trends

Mid-Century Modern Design Trend

When it comes to product trends, topping the list is Mid-Century Modern.

In How to Bring Mid-Century Modern to Your Portland Home, you’ll find a definition of the trend and suggestions on how to bring that vibe to your home, through wall, floor and accessories that capture:

  • Bold touches of color
  • Geometric shapes
  • Textures
  • Wood looks
  • Clean lines
  • Modern sensibilities

The Discovery Stage of Bringing Your Design Dreams to Reality

Have you explored the 5 D’s of Bringing Your Design Dreams to Reality? One of those D’s is the Discover stage when you start looking at sources of inspiration in the form of magazines, design books, home shows and the web. As you gather ideas, images, notes and clips, you develop a distinct vision for the trends that matter to you.

7 Tile Trends to Consider for Your Oregon Home captures seven trends prominently featured during Coverings, the yearly tile and stone trade show (considered the largest in North America with 9 miles of the latest trends and exhibitors from over 40 countries). They will help inspire your discovery stage.

Bold Graphic Tile Patterns

In Create Bold Patterns with Hydraulic Porcelain Tile, you’ll find details on a porcelain tile series that captures stunning graphic designs. They look dramatic as an all-over floor tile, creating designs that bring a space to life while also creating optical illusions. You can also use them to create a tile ‘rug’ with a border pattern, surrounded with another style of tile, to define a space or on a wall as a bold focal feature.

The Classique Floors + Tile Product Series

Ready to Educate You About Classique Floors + Tile Products

At Classique, we pride ourselves on delighting you with a full range of beautiful as well as practical products. This series provides you with product ideas, product knowledge and practical advice for enjoying those products.

Caring for your Countertops

How to Maintain Your Countertops provides you with guidance on how best to care for the different types of countertops available at Classique. More specifically,

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Laminate
  • Corian
  • Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

Selecting the Right Product for Basements

Because basements are often below-grade, they tend to be susceptible to moisture. Plus, most basement subfloors are made of concrete which is porous. That makes it easy for moisture and water vapor to travel through into the basement. For that reason, you want to select flooring materials that can stand up to high humidity and damp conditions, and ensure that you’ve carefully inspected your floor before you install new flooring.

In What’s the Best Flooring for the Basement?, you’ll find an overview of the many options available, as well as the best practices for successful basement installations.

Protecting New Floors from the Elements

Did you know that doormats are the ideal protection when you use them at the entrances to your house. They capture grit and dirt and absorb wetness off your shoes. We strongly recommend that you use them to protect your new floors.

Here’s perspective on them: Want to Protect Your New Floors? Use Doormats.

Product Focus: Cork

We love cork. It’s neither too hard nor too soft, too hot or too cool. Not only is it ‘just right,’ it’s also sustainable as you will discover in The Ultimate Guide to Cork Flooring at Classique Floors + Tile.

Product Focus: Vinyl

Vinyl Flooring is a versatile, waterproof, fire-resistant, easy-to-care-for solution available at great value. In The 5 Top Vinyl Flooring Questions, you’ll learn:

  • What is vinyl flooring?
  • What makes vinyl floors so popular?
  • What is the ideal thickness of vinyl flooring?
  • How to prepare for a vinyl flooring installation?
  • How should you care for your vinyl floors?

Product Focus: Linoleum and Marmoleum

Because linoleum was the most popular flooring in the first half of the 20th century, you’ll find it in many vintage homes around Portland.  It was rediscovered in the 1990s as a result of its natural anti-bacterial and biodegradable, not to mention sustainable, properties.

We love the versatility of linoleum and its ability to complement so many different design styles. Because it is soft underfoot, it makes standing for long periods of time a lot easier. That quality also makes it more forgiving of dropped items.

Learn more in What Makes Linoleum Flooring Such a Great Solution for Portland OR Homes?

Marmoleum is a linoleum manufactured by Forbo Flooring Systems, a global player in high-quality commercial and residential floor coverings, which focuses on environmentally friendly, functional and design-oriented floors. You can learn more about Marmoleum in Why Select Marmoleum Flooring for Your Portland, Oregon Home?

Historic McMinnville, Oregon Home Remodel Series

Ready to Inspire You With the Historic McMinnville, Oregon Home Remodel Series

Do you love before/after remodel stories? Here’s one about a three-bedroom, two-bath historic house in McMinnville, Oregon. It was totally re-imagined with cork, carpet, tile, Marmoleum, refinished wood floors and a new kitchen countertop, too. You’ll find this remodel story detailed in six parts, starting with a blog interview with owner Jennifer Morrow where she describes sources of inspiration, surprises and working with Classique Floors + Tile.

Here are the different articles in the series:

>> How a Flooring Remodel Transformed an Historic McMinnville, Oregon Home

>> Refinished Wood Floors Bring New Life to Historic Home

>> Cork Flooring Adds Historic Warmth to Home Remodel

>> Carpeted Stairs Enhance Home’s Historic Feel

>> Laminate Countertop and Marmoleum Floors Transform Craftsman Kitchen

>> Marble and Grey Octagon Tile Complete Bathroom’s Historic Feel

The staff at Classique Floors & Tile in Portland, Oregon

About the People of Classique Floors + Tile

In addition to providing answers to your flooring and design questions via the website, we also have a terrific team of design professionals ready to help you when you visit Classique Floors + Tile.  Here are the Project Consultants we introduced you to in 2017:

>> DeLayne Brown

>> Mark Herron

>> Kristina McClanahan

>> Patrick Scott

>> Casey Veldkamp

Stay tuned for additional introductions in 2018.

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