In our continued effort to be the most sustainable flooring store in Portland, we’ve recently consigned two Th!nk City cars for our staff when out doing installation estimates around town. A little larger than a Smart Car, these two-door all-electric hatchbacks can range for 100 miles at a top speed of 70 miles per hour. While cutting down on our expenses and our carbon footprint, these cars help us take care of the earth and deliver unparalleled customer service. Because they are pure-electric, zero-gas cars, electricity to fuel Th!nk cars can be generated by a wide range of local resources including wind, solar, hydro or natural gas. Because electricity is generated locally, driving electric helps reduce our dependency on imported oil, lower production greenhouse gases, and — because of its zero tailpipe emissions, such as carbon-monoxide and nitrous oxide — prevent serious health problems like asthma and lung disease. Th!nk City cars were originally produced in Norway but sold the enterprise to an American company based in Indiana. They meet all applicable U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and are EPA- and CARB-certified. (CARB stands for California Air Research Board.)

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