Top 10 Dream Shower Ideas

Customers frequently come to us wondering what design options they have to transform their shower into the space of their dreams. Based on those questions and customers’ reactions to the ideas we bring up, we developed the Classique Top Ten List of Shower Options. That way, you can get the shower you love by knowing your options before you begin.

The Classique Floors + Tile Top 10 Shower Design Ideas

1. Heated tile floor in the vanity

What’s not to love about having toasty toes before and after the shower? The solution is radiant heating which transforms a bathroom into a private luxe spa.

What’s nice is that heated tile floors make sense for a small space as well as a large one. If you’re worried about the cost of doing that large bathroom, consider focusing only on a specific area, say around the toilet, or by the shower, or even just in front of the vanity to keep your toes warm during your daily grooming.

Have you considered a heated tile floor in your dream bathroom?

2. Curb or no curb with your shower?

Perhaps you’ve been wondering about curbless showers and whether they would be right for you. Let’s explore the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself.

What’s to love about a curbless shower?

  1. Easier access to the shower whether you’re young, teeny tiny or having mobility issues.
  2. More space-efficient.
  3. Easier to clean.
Curbless shower installation by Jack and Greg Renovations in Toronto, Ontario

Curbless shower installation by Jack and Greg Renovations in Toronto, Ontario

What’s to love about having a shower with a curb?

  1. The shower space is distinct from the rest of the bathroom. In some cases, that means a greater sense of privacy.
  2. Your shower experience will be warmer and more cocoon-like (especially if you have a large bathroom).
  3. The curb (and the door) contain the water keeping the rest of the bathroom dryer.
Shower curb: Matt Taylor with Aust Tile and Granite

Image credit: Matt Taylor with Aust Tile and Granite

Keep in mind that a curb can be a powerful design element as you see in the image above where the white tiled curb provides a visual break, making the strong decorative pattern of the hydraulic tile that much more attractive.

Care for some lights with your shower (and space for them)?

3. Care for some lights with your shower (and space for them)?

As the bathroom transforms itself into a personal spa and area for renewal, we’re seeing more interest in chromatherapy as well as aromatherapy.

With chromatherapy, you have the benefit of lights of different colors to bask in. Aromatherapy brings you the zen of essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, bergamot and more. For a low-tech solution, consider a wall niche where you can add scented candles, separate -of course- from the niche for your soaps and shampoos.

In a higher-tech solution, you might consider low voltage lighting with an RGB controlled carefully installed with water and moisture proofing materials.

Shower Niche: Matt Taylor with Aust Tile and Granite

Image credit: Matt Taylor with Aust Tile and Granite

As with the shower curb, a niche such as the one you see in the image above done in hydraulic cement tile can be a powerful focal element in your shower design.

What about a glamorous soak in a slipper tub?

4. What about a glamorous soak in a slipper tub?

Ah, the glamour of soaking in a proper tub! Slipper tubs have become all the rage. So-called because one side tends to rise above the other (kind of like a high-heel slipper) for head, neck, and back support while you comfortably zen out in sudsy water. (In a double slipper both ends are high.)

Contemporary bathroom with soaking tub

If you don’t like the idea of a slipper tub, consider a deep, standalone soaking tub.

Beautiful bathroom with slipper tub

As you can see from the tub examples above, you’ll find them in any range of styles from classic to contemporary.

What's your drain style? Square, Round, Linear?

5. What’s your drain style? Square, Round, Linear?

It used to be you had so few choices for drains. No more! You can choose round, square, linear, drains with tile inserts… You can make the drain the star or sun of your shower floor, or have it blend in unobtrusively.

So many drain styles to choose from!

Square or Round Drains

You now have so many options when it comes to shower drains. Even though traditional round or square drains are the most affordable and most frequently used shower drains, there, too, you have choices. Simply check out the image above of Surface Art drains for an idea of the possibilities available when it comes to a square drain.

Shower drain: Taylor with Aust Tile and Granite

Image credit: Matt Taylor with Aust Tile and Granite

Just because you’re forced into a square or round drain doesn’t mean that you can’t create a luxurious and one-of-a-kind shower.

Pebble mosaic floor with round drain

Linear Drains

This next image of Schluter Kerdi drains introduces your next option: linear drains.

Square and linear drains from Kerdi

Linear drains are rectangular shaped drains, long and narrow. They look particularly elegant with plank tiles which are also long and narrow and tend, generally, not to draw as much attention. Some styles even accommodate tile over them so that all you notice is the outline of the drain as you can see in the image below.

Linear drains are rectangular shaped drains, long and narrow.

Linear drains go hand-in-hand with curbless showers.

Notice in the image below the important role that the round drain plays in tying the entire design of this shower together. The drain finish matches the finish of the faucet and shower heads and echoes the dark border of the focal wall and of the corner benches.

Notice the important role that the round drain plays in tying the entire design of this shower together.

6. Corner shelves and hooks for hanging items

If you’re truly trying to create a spa-vibe in your shower, you’ll want to consider practical touches such as corner benches so you can relax when you need to, corner shelves so you can place items and also hooks so you can hang items. Consider a hook inside your shower and one outside for items you’d prefer to keep dry.

Benches and shelves can be bought pre-formed and tiled over. Combine those with soap baskets and hooks that match the style and finish of some of your other bathroom accessories.

Try a toe shelf for leg shaving

7. Toe shelf for leg shaving

Speaking of accessories, I consider the toe shelf (or foot pedal) for leg shaving to be the best invention since sliced bread. It’s practical, unobtrusive and makes leg shaving so much more pleasant! Why not use it for soaping your legs, too?

A calm, soothing, contemporary bathroom space

8. Which will it be? A glassdoor or no door?

No shower design is complete without making a decision about the shower enclosure. You have options to consider.

  • Yes, to an enclosure
  • No enclosure

The Range of Shower Enclosure Possibilities

When it comes to an enclosed shower, glass – either clear, tempered, frosted or textured for added privacy – is the best solution. Some of the glass design options include:

  • Frameless glass enclosure
  • Framed enclosure
  • Sliding glass door
  • A combination of tile and glass
  • Glass blocks

Remember that glass shower doors require maintenance especially if you live in an area with hard water. You’ll want to squeegee the glass on a daily basis to keep it clear. Frosted or textured glass is more forgiving.

Don’t Forget No Shower Enclosure

Shower enclosures aren’t mandatory. In fact, you may prefer no shower enclosure. Just as having no curb in your shower makes the space seem bigger, so too does having no enclosure. The example below, from a medical installation, has no enclosure, although it does have curtains for privacy, allowing for easy access.

Which will it be? A glassdoor or no door?

9. Bench or fold down seat

Seating is a must for a shower where you intend to relax and get away from the worries of the world. To truly relax, you’ll want to create a custom bench or a corner seat that can also hold soaps and shampoo bottles.

If your shower is space-constrained, though, you might consider a fold-down seat. These can be ADA compliant or simply practical and unobtrusive.

Bench or fold down seat

10. Don’t forget about safety in the shower!

Speaking of ADA compliant and aging in place, if you’re going to remodel your shower, you’ll want to think how to make it the safest place in your home. Luckily, grab bars aren’t what they used to be, even in commercial environments.

However, for home environments, you can select products that match the style and finish of your other accessories. This TileWare pdf brochure offers you a glimpse of what’s available in grab bars.

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Don't forget about safety in the shower!

11. Bonus! Have fun with shower tile.

Once you’ve made your decisions about shower option design ideas, you can then move onto the really fun part: selecting the tile and the flooring you love to complete the look of your dream shower. Regardless of your preferences, Classique Floors + Tile can help. You’ll love the selection of tile we have available.

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Once you’re done, you can start picking all of the perfect accessories that transform a cold bathroom into your very own special spa resort and shower haven.

Have fun with shower tile.

Which Are Your Favorite Shower Option Design Ideas?

We’d love to hear.

We invite you to visit our Portland, Oregon showroom where one of our Classique Floors + Tile project consultants will answer your questions and be ready to guide you through everything from initial estimate to product selection to final installation.

You’ll be delighted, we promise!

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