Two sisters renovating their North Portland home claimed
our $2,000 flooring and installation prize this year

We love to call people and tell them they’ve won our Ugly Floor Contest, but we’re not always met with the enthusiasm that this year’s winner Kate Heywood displayed. She literally screamed when we told her over the phone that she and her sister, owner of a house near Mississippi in North Portland, were the winners of this year’s Ugly Floor Contest.  Beginning September 17, people uploaded pictures of their awful floors via Facebook and then fans of the Classique Floors Facebook page began voting for the floor that most offended their vision.  
Kate and her sister are completely renovating a 1904 home that will take a tremendous amount of work. We’re glad to play a small part in bringing their dream of meeting this remodeling challenge.
Curious to see who the competition is? To see the other entries, click here.    


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