Face it. Winters get wet in Oregon.

Basements can be damp. Pets track in mud and who knows what else. Entry ways are filled with dripping umbrellas and soggy shoes. Toddlers splash happily at bath time. Juice and milk dribble and spill onto the kitchen floor.

Sure there are lots of waterproof flooring options—tile, cement, natural stone. But there’s only one that looks like wood yet holds up to water like nothing else: COREtec.

COREtec is premium engineered LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) plank and tile

COREtec is considered the original WPC or wood plastic/polymer composite flooring. Its patented layered construction ensures your floors won’t be damaged if they get wet. And there are 128+ colors and styles to choose from!

Just a few reasons you’ll love COREtec

  • The cork base provides additional sound insulation and protects against mold and mildew
  • A high-density, extruded waterproof core adds stability and won’t expand or contract
  • The Luxury Vinyl top layer resists chips and dents and is resilient and durable
  • The top wear layer protects against excessive wear, provides stain resistance and superior cleanability

Why is this patented construction process important? You’ll have a beautiful, long lasting floor that’s easy to clean and can be used where water or dampness could be a problem. Muddy paws and wet feet will be easy to clean up and won’t damage your floors.

The sturdy, layered construction also means COREtec LVT is easy and fast to install and doesn’t require an underlayment. That saves installation time which saves you money.

Learn more about this remarkable waterproof flooring here.

COREtec Flooring, the Ideal Waterproof Solution for Your Floors

There’s nothing worse than a beautiful floor that can’t stand up to the normal demands of life, including ones having to do with wet weather. That’s why we think you will like COREtec flooring, the ideal waterproof solution for your floors.

COREtec is considered the original WPC or wood plastic/polymer composite flooring and an ideal flooring solution for areas of your home where water is a concern. For example, in bathrooms, entry areas or mud rooms (i.e., your first line of defense against wet Oregon weather), or even basements.

What do I mean by WPC?

WPC is a flooring product engineered for performance and active living. It’s a composite material. As Wikipedia explains, a composite is,

“a material made from two or more constituent materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties that, when combined, produce a material with characteristics different from the individual components. The individual components remain separate and distinct within the finished structure.”

In the case of COREtec Plus, those materials include a top wear layer, a luxury vinyl decorative layer and a core consisting of extruded thermoplastics, calcium carbonate and wood flour. The last layer is cork which provides delicious comfort underfoot and absorbs sounds.

The cross-section image below shows you what makes up COREtec Plus flooring:

COREtec flooring is engineered for performance.

(Chart courtesy of US Floors)


The result is a waterproof, rigid and extremely dimensionally stable flooring product that looks beautiful and feels good to walk on. It’s kid-proof and pet-proof, and it’s available in longer and wider formats, such as 9”x72”!

How does COREtec differ from LVT?

COREtec differs from LVT (luxury vinyl tile) in that it can go over most subfloors without much preparation. LVT, which is very flexible, transfers any unevenness in the floor. The rigid core of COREtec can go over minor subfloor imperfections. You can install it over existing hard surfaces, including ceramic tile, without having to worry that any of those imperfections will be visible or felt. You also don’t need to worry about any of the excessive preparation that LVT requires if you have cracks or other issues in your concrete or wooden subfloors.

It’s an alternative to glue-down and floating luxury vinyl products.

Coretec flooring is ideal in a dining room

Here is COREtec flooring in a dining room.


How does COREtec differ from laminate?

Unlike laminate flooring, COREtec is waterproof and requires no acclimation. Because it’s waterproof, it can go where laminate should be avoided as in bathrooms, basements, and any other areas prone to moisture.

It can be installed in a large room without an expansion gap every 30 feet (which is required for laminate) due to laminate expanding and contracting.

Finally, COREtec Plus is extremely quiet to walk on because of the cork underlayment which also makes it a warm, comfortable walking surface.

The following chart compares COREtec Plus to LVT and laminate floor options.

How COREtec compares to LVT and laminate flooring

(Chart courtesy of US Floors)


Classique Floors loves COREtec Flooring!

Yes, we truly love COREtec.

We installed COREtec Plus on the showroom floor over a year ago, in the toughest area we could imagine where castered office chairs roll relentlessly back and forth throughout the day and where we frequently have spills. The result? Not a scratch in all that time, no water-related issues and pure comfort underfoot.

We love how it feels, looks and sounds and think you will, too.

Please note: COREtec recommends chair protection under rolling caster chairs so we don’t recommend that you do this at home.

COREtec Plus flooring at Classique Floors + Tile

Megan agrees that COREtec Plus flooring is fabulous!


Closeup of COREtec Plus flooring in the Classique Floors + Tile offices

Closeup of COREtec Plus flooring in the Classique Floors + Tile offices


What types of COREtec are available at Classique Floors?

COREtec comes in 3 styles:

  • COREtec Plus XL – 9” wide, 72” long planks
  • COREtec Plus – 7” wide, 48” long planks and 12×24 tile and 18.5×24 tile
  • COREtec One which does not include the cork backing – 6” wide, 48” long planks – the budget option

You’ll find a range of wood grain inspired patterns as well as marble and weathered concrete in plank and tile sized formats.

Also, it comes with a Lifetime Limited Residential Wear Warranty, a Lifetime Limited Structural Warranty and Lifetime Limited Waterproof Warranty.

Coretec flooring display at Classique Floors

Come see for yourself what COREtec flooring is like when you visit Classique Floors. It could be the perfect solution for any area of your home including those particularly vulnerable to water not to mention our damp Oregon winters.

Thanks for reading.


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