Have you heard of Cement Elegance? It’s a wonderful solution for creating custom surfaces for your fireplace, countertops, and sinks. You could even create custom furniture!

What is Cement Elegance?

Cement Elegance is based in Bend, Oregon. As the company explains,

“Since 1997, Cement Elegance has been designing and fabricating decorative architectural and utilitarian concrete products for residential and commercial use. Our long-lasting statement pieces are 100% stain-resistant and manufactured in the USA. We craft durable, lightweight concrete sinks, countertops, firepits, furniture, and more at our state-of-the-art facility in Bend, Oregon.”

With Cement Elegance you can create exactly the look you want with a product that weighs much less (i.e., average weight of 10-12 lbs per sqft) than granite or other concrete surfaces (with an average weight greater than 18 lbs per sqft).

Cement Elegance cross section

And, you can do so by working with products where 85% of the raw materials used in the company’s unique NatureCast Concrete are manufactured in Oregon and 10% of the raw materials are a post-industrial waste product, leaving only 5% of the raw materials sourced out of state. Cement Elegance worries about its environmental footprint. More specifically,

“We exercise due diligence in the procurement of our raw materials and in our construction practices to reduce our environmental footprint. Local production of our pieces reduces transportation costs and fuel. Since every piece is custom-made to fit, we eliminate the waste inherent in other solid surface goods. NatureCast Concrete furniture promotes a healthy indoor environment with no volatile organic-based preservatives and no radon emission.”

Furthermore, NatureCast concrete can be used to make wall panels as thin as one-half inch to clad the surround, making installation that much easier. Its propriety core/reinforcement technique produces stable, durable surfaces from only 1½ inches to as much as 9 inches in thickness – without any significant gain in weight.

>> For more information about Cement Elegance’s NatureCast, see Frequently Asked Questions.

Cement Elegance colors

Custom Fireplace Surrounds

The images below show you what’s possible.

This Cement Elegance fireplace surround goes from floor to ceiling. Note the custom seating area in two tones of grey around the base and the simple wooden mantelpiece. We love the details at the corners of each section.

Custom Cement Elegance Fireplace

With Cement Elegance, you aren’t limited in your choice of color. This monolithic fireplace surround in bold green also extends from floor to ceiling and incorporates strong horizontal lines in its construction around the fireplace, above it for the mantel shelf, and midway up.

Here’s another interesting interpretation where NatureCast Concrete combines three looks:

  • A light grey cement-like seating area,
  • Warm-toned wood-looking planks in a vertical raised/recessed installation
  • A black section with vertical elements.

Cement Elegance describes NatureCast Concrete as,

“NatureCast Concrete is made of sand, water, and cement. These are the same primary ingredients that have been used for centuries to make concrete structures; some of which are still intact and in use 2,000 years later.

By combining advanced reinforcement technology with curing and construction design, NatureCast Concrete has twice the tensile strength of solid concrete, four times the bending strength of solid concrete, and reaches compression strengths of up to 11,000 PSI. This strength allows for unsupported overhangs on counters, hearths, and mantles of up to 16 inches. Our unique lightweight construction allows us to make large continuous pieces without seams. NatureCast Concrete also has 40% better water absorption than traditional concrete, making it an ideal choice for both interior and exterior applications.”

In this next example, the fireplace surround is the same color as the surrounding walls, except for the top of the seating area and the immediate area around the fireplace. Notice the repeating horizontal pattern from floor to ceiling.

The next master bedroom installation further develops the seating area concept by having it extend across an entire wall, including the fireplace. The same color cement surrounds the fireplace from floor to ceiling with much wider horizontal sections than in the previous installation.

These long-lasting surface solutions add elegance, sophistication, and bold visual interest to any room.

Kitchen with Cement Elegance countertop

Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

This magnificent outdoor kitchen features a cement countertop and backsplash, as well as a dining table.

Outdoor kitchen with cement elegance

Outdoor Cement Firepit

Here you see a Cement Elegance firepit filled with lava stones. The possibilities truly are endless!

Cement Elegance outdoor firepit

Are You Intrigued With a Custom Surface Solution from Cement Elegance?

If and when you’re ready, we invite you to visit the Classique Floors + Tile showroom in Portland where you can learn more about Cement Elegance and creating custom surfaces for your home. We look forward to helping you.

Thanks for reading!