Porcelain tiles are ideal for any floor or wall application in your home because they are durable, wear-resistant, and easy to maintain. Add to that the extensive array of shapes, sizes, finishes, styles, and colors you’ll find when you visit Classique Floors + Tile showroom!

Not to mention that we’ll take care of installing the tile you select. You’ll be doubly inspired to create those amazing designs you’ve been dreaming about.

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Marazzi Porcelain Floor Tile


Why Use Porcelain Tile Flooring?

Flooring requires a surface that will withstand varying levels of foot traffic and potentially heavy furniture weights. Porcelain tile meets the worst of those challenges and more.

Design Flexibility

From wood plank looks to realistic marble veining, linen textures, patterns, and more!


No more worries about scratches and claw marks! This is one of the most scratch-resistant materials available on the market.

Impervious to Water

Made from baked clay fired at a high temperature creating a harder, less porous surface that won’t care about mud, puddles or spills, making tile ideal for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Ease of Maintenance

Easy to keep clean and free from stains.

 porcelain tile: infinitely versatile

Portland homes are known for their charm and welcoming spaces. With porcelain tile, you can add to that beauty – indoors and outdoors. Pick the perfect tile style for your floors, shower walls and fireplace surrounds. Create a backsplash design that mixes your floor tile with mosaics for a one-of-a-kind design.

Did you know that the benefits of porcelain tile include being:




Easy to maintain




Reduces allergens

Heat resistant

Made to last

And more!


Types of Porcelain Tile


Types of Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is infinitely versatile. It offers homeowners like you limitless design freedom to bring your design vision to life with porcelain that looks like marble, concrete, terrazzo, natural stone, wood, and any number of other materials.

Because of its durability and versatility, you can use porcelain not just on walls but also on your floors.

Discover porcelain tile in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from simple, artful, modern, or timeless. Large-format squares and rectangles, hexagons, mosaics, planks, and chevron tiles offer endless possibilities for you to express your style.

You’ll find them all available in the Classique Floors + Tile spacious showroom where our knowledgeable team can help you find the porcelain tile you want.

  Where to use porcelain tile   

Where to Use Porcelain Tile

The options are limitless!

Shower walls in bathrooms, backsplashes in kitchens, entryways, and hallways are all excellent surfaces for porcelain tile. By the way, porcelain is also heat-resistant making it a beautiful complement to fireplaces and hearths.


Use Porcelain Tile Outdoors 

As one of the most durable varieties of ceramic tile available, porcelain tile can stand up against most major stresses and is perfect for moderate to high-traffic areas and commercial settings. Exterior-rated porcelain tile is also a good option for outdoor spaces like patios, pools, and gardens.


Consider Textured Porcelain Tile 

Textured porcelain tile is a wonderful option for areas that need functional beauty. After all, there’s something special about the tactile aspect of porcelain flooring that makes a design seem almost three-dimensional. Imagine feeling a subtle wood grain tile or the warp and weft of a textured linen pattern underfoot.

Textures on walls draw the hand and the eyes… they want to feel the geometric or sinuous nature-inspired patterns. The magic of porcelain tile is that it can truly look and feel like stone, slate, wood, fabric, and more, and the textures can range from smooth to rough, from matte to glossy, and everything in between.                                                                       

Slate textured porcelain tile


How to Choose Porcelain Tile Flooring

When you reach out to Classique, you can sort through what porcelain tile works best for your home and lifestyle. Expect these questions:

Where will the tile go? What room in the house are you working on? Is it for a kitchen, a bathroom, or another space in your home? Is it for a wall project, a floor, or both?

What is your design inspiration? Do you have specific colors, shapes, finishes, and patterns in mind?

Porcelain tile is a good option for incorporating elegant or sophisticated aesthetic features into a room without cluttering or overwhelming the décor. Tile can give you that pop of color you are looking for, the perfect counterbalance to grand spaces or a subtle rustic charm. 


bathroom tile ceramic


What to Consider with Porcelain Tile

When choosing porcelain tile for your home consider the following:

Rating – from light to heavy traffic, porcelain tile has a rating for each space in your home or commercial project. Ask your Classique professional to guide you.

Color – you’ll find tile in almost any color, decoration, and design you could want from bold to neutral. Consider your tastes and style to create a beautiful space you really love.

Finish – different finishes and glazes change the beauty and function of tile in a room and how it reflects light. High gloss, matte and natural looks create interesting accents that harmonize a room.

Pattern – with a myriad of interesting ways to arrange your tile, even a simple rectangle can be set brick style, straight set, or in a  herringbone pattern to give a different look and feel.

Texture – textured tile can be made to look like tumbled stone or wood grain, or installed in patterns that enhance and pull together a room. 

Shape – there are endless possibilities with porcelain tile shapes. Beyond the classic standard shapes, many non-standard shapes such as rhomboids and hexagons are a perfect complement to your home decor.


Let Classique help you select porcelain tile


Let Classique Help You Select Your Porcelain Tiles

Come visit the Classique Floors + Tile showroom. We will walk you through the styles, colors, and finishes available, help with ideas, and determine the right size tile to fit your space.

Classique is a full-service installation company. Once you have found the look you want, we will take your project from concept to completion:

  • Assess the project in your home
  • Order all materials
  • Manage the full tile installation
  • Ensure your satisfaction

Let our experts guide you through the process. Visit our showroom in Southeast Portland, and let the experts at Classique find the perfect fit for your project. Talk with a porcelain tile professional at Classique today!

Visit our showroom: Walk-Ins are Welcome!