Marmoleum Flooring in Portland, Oregon


Marmoleum is an all-natural linoleum flooring that offers functional flexibility that is beautiful and good for the environment. Made of materials that are free from toxins or chemical residues, it is perfect for your home, health, and the environment.

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Why Marmoleum


Marmoleum is a brand name for marbleized linoleum and is a true old-fashioned linseed oil based Linoleum.  This isn’t your grandmother’s drab kitchen floor. Manufactured for over 110 years, Marmoleum comes in a rainbow of colors and is gaining in popularity for homeowners who want a modern floor that is natural, beautiful, and durable.

As an extra bonus, those who suffer from asthma and allergies find that Marmoleum promotes a healthy indoor environment. Thanks to the linseed oil and other natural materials, Marmoleum has a variety of benefits:

  • Antibacterial: keeps bacteria from spreading.
  • Anti-static: simple to clean of mud, dirt, and dust.
  • Long-lasting: an estimated life span of fifty years.
  • Comfortable: warm and soft to stand and walk on.
  • Reduces allergens: dust mites and many common allergies.
  • No toxic chemicals: natural and sustainable, it creates a healthy indoor environment.


Marmoleum kitchen flooring with border

Marmoleum Construction


The history of how linoleum was discovered starts with an English inventor, Frederick Walton, who saw that a rubber-like shell formed on the top of a linseed oil can when exposed to air (oxidation). With some experimentation, Walton was able to speed up the process and create a natural flooring that is both strong and flexible.

While the first colors were drab, today Marmoleum comes in a wildly beautiful color pallet, from subtle neutrals and greys to bold colors. Classique Flooring + Tile offers a variety of Marmoleum color collections from marbled coloring to solids and textured patterns.

The main ingredients of Marmoleum are sustainable and natural: linseed oil, recycled wood powder, cork powder, and limestone. In the production process, all types of designs and colors can be created! The patterns and colors extend through the whole flooring that holds up under heavy use. The continued oxidation of the linseed oil after installation makes the Marmoleum stronger over time.


Marmoleum Salted Caramel with peach fuzz tones

Types of Marmoleum Flooring


Marmoleum Roll Material

The primary format for Marmoleum is a roll that is 6’7″ wide in a multitude of colors that can be combined to create borders and other patterns.

Marmoleum Click Cinch Loc Waterproof Flooring

This new Marmoleum product comes in two formats in 44 colors, and can be DIY:

  • 12”x12” squares
  • 12”x36” planks

>> See Introducing Marmoleum Click Cinch Loc Waterproof Flooring

MCT & Modular Tile Formats

Marmoleum Modular tiles come in squares and planks that can be arranged in any number of interesting patterns. The 57 colors available capture visuals of wood, concrete, stone, marble, and 2 vibrant embossed designs that change with every angle you look at it. These are glue-down products.

MCT tiles are 13″x13″ and come in 40 beautiful colors.

Marmoleum cinch loc seal flooring


Where to Use Marmoleum


While Marmoleum flooring is an excellent choice for historical homes it is also popular with homeowners who want a customizable, eco-friendly choice. As a floor that bridges the gap between hard flooring like tile and soft flooring like carpet, Marmoleum is excellent for areas that need low-maintenance flooring that handles heavy traffic.

Its water-resistant qualities make it an excellent choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and mudrooms.

Marmoleum Custom Star Flooring with Border Inlay

How is Marmoleum Installed


Marmoleum is produced in several formats. All of the colors and collections are available in a two-meter wide – six foot by seven – sheet material. The sheet material is not a typical DIY installation as it requires exacting underlayment requirements, tools, and experience to install.

Get creative and have fun with beautiful checkerboard patterns in a selection of colors.  For a floating floor alternative, try the Click Cinch Loc system available in select colors and two size options that can be combined in a variety of patterns.

How It Works


Our design experts at Classique Floors + Tile will walk you through the many styles, colors, and finishes of our Marmoleum flooring options to create your ideal space:

  • Explore the possibilities
  • Select the colors for the look you want
  • Assess the project in your home
  • Order all materials
  • Manage installation

Finding the right Marmoleum flooring can be overwhelming but our experts will help you design a beautiful floor for your space. A selection of options are available in a variety of preferences and price ranges. Talk with a Marmoleum flooring professional at Classique today!

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