Choose Fireplace Surround Tiles That Are Unique and Stylish

A fireplace is the focal point of your home. The architectural elements of your fireplace surround add aesthetic style that can be customized to fit your home design and give dimension to your living room space.  The variety of heat-resistant tile materials for fireplace surrounds is almost endless and includes ceramic, natural stone, porcelain, custom-cast concrete, and beyond. At Classique Floors + Tile, we have fireplace tiles that will complement any room or style. 

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Things to Consider with Fireplace Surround Tile

Because your fireplace surround is a visual focal point for your living space it is important to consider the room’s size and how the material will look. Important factors to consider are:

  • The scale of the tile
  • The scale of the pattern
  • Tile trim
  • Style
  • Durability

Our professional team at Classique will help you design the perfect look for your fireplace.

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Our Fireplace Surround Styles

The fireplace surround is like the frame of a painting. A warm and crackling fire looks complete when framed by a beautiful fireplace surround. The style of your fireplace surround is an opportunity to let your personal style shine through as friends and family gather for every occasion.

modern fireplace with a white sectional and and a blue couch


A modern fireplace surround enhances the warmth of a fire with simplicity and elegance. Rejecting ornamentation and fussiness, a modern fireplace surround uses shape, color and quality elements to bring sophistication to any space. Ideas for a modern fireplace surround include:

  • Large format tile
  • Monolithic looks like Cement Elegance
  • Stacked tile pattern
  • Ledger stone for a midcentury look


Arts & Crafts designers believed that a big, focal-point fireplace was essential to offer hospitality and warmth to a home. Subtle and geometrically simple tile compositions were made with:

  • Handmade art tile
  • Decorative color tile
  • Brick tile looks
blue fireplace surround tiles in a modern home in portland oregon
herringbone fireplace surround tile


Farmhouse style showcases well-thought materials that aim for balance, serenity and nature. Materials should feel welcoming rather than formal while working in harmony with other features in the room. Fireplace surrounds often repeat natural elements such as:

  • Rustic ceramic tile
  • Natural stone

Old World

Old World artisanal styles bring a sense of majesty and elegance to your fireplace surround. Fireplace floor tiles and stone tiles transform your space into a timeless backdrop for gatherings.

cement elegance fireplace surround panel floating hearth steel grey

Fireplace Surround Patterns

Sitting by the fire is one of life’s many joys, no matter if you are reading alone or hosting friends and family. Fireplace tile patterns can make a room playful or add a contemporary touch.


Create an airy texture with a herringbone tile pattern that offers a staggered V-shaped pattern used for hundreds of years in Europe. 


Mosaic tiles can level up any size fireplace surround into an eye-catching focal point. From simple patterns to dramatic colors, mosaics are versatile for whatever look you want to create.

Deco Pattern Tile

Deco pattern tiles have left their mark on interior design. With geometric shapes and bold colors, deco pattern tile makes a visual impact.


Fireplace Tile in Action

To highlight what’s possible for fireplaces when you design with unusual tile patterns, textures, and styles, consider this installation that Classique Floors + Tile completed. It features a 9″x 2.5″ heavily textured tile by the name of Inax Hikkaki in color white.

Textured tile creates stunning fireplace

In the room below, that tile has been installed floor-to-ceiling in a vertical format which contrasts with the horizontality of the bookcase and the fireplace vents.

Stunning contemporary tile fireplace


Here’s another example of a client fireplace installation that Clasique completed. It features Celine glazed 2″ x 6″ porcelain floor and wall tile in matte black.

Celine 2" x 6" Matte Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile in Black

This tile is incredibly versatile and can be used on both floors and walls. Notice how this 2″ x 6″ inch tile has been installed in an offset pattern for an interesting visual effect.

Stunning fireplace installation


How Working With Classique Floors + Tile Works

Our design experts at Classique Floors + Tile will walk you through the many styles, colors, and finishes of our fireplace tile brands to create the look you want. Classique is a full-service installation company. Once you have found the look you want we will work with our installers to pull everything together for your project. From start to finish Classique brings your project to life:

  • Explore the possibilities
  • Select the colors for the look you want
  • Assess the project in your home
  • Order all materials
  • Manage full tile installation

Let our experts guide you through the process. Talk with a fireplace tile professional at Classique today!

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Classique Floors + Tile’s goal is to give customers a positive experience: from recommending the right surface to installing it professionally, on-time, and with the least amount of inconvenience. Our team provides complete services, including project assessment, material selection, and installation management.

Here’s how we take great care of you and your project:

  • Offer design ideas and product suggestions
  • Bring samples to your home
  • Help you choose the products that fit your space, your ideas and your budget
  • Provide an in-home project assessment and estimate for a small fee that is credited to your installed purchase
  • Make sure you understand warranties and material specifications
  • Manage the details of your project—from ordering materials to scheduling installation
  • Work closely with your interior designer or contractor to provide advice, recommendations, and needed materials
  • Install tile, countertops, fireplace surrounds, and flooring—one room or the whole house
  • We can even refinish your existing hardwood floors

Still have questions about how we can help you create your dream kitchen or bath? Or what types of flooring would be best in a room? Ready to get your flooring or tile project done right? Talk to us. We’re experts and we’re ready to help with flooring services and so much more.

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