Portland’s Best Selection of Wool Carpeting

Since ancient times wool has been used as a friendly decorative floor covering. The wool yarn was spun and hand-knotted into rugs often with intricate artistic patterns. Wool’s warmth and beauty adds softness to homes, muffling sound and, protecting hard floors. Today, wool is a highly sought-after natural fiber and is an excellent option for your home.

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Types of Wool

Wool used for carpet manufacturing primarily comes from sheep in New Zealand, Argentina and the United Kingdom.

Each region produces different types of wool textures & colors depending on the sheep variety. New Zealand wool is known for its high-grade clean white yarn, which takes dyes beautifully.

Natural undyed heathered browns & greys are from sheep located in the United Kingdom and Argentina.

Nature's Carpet Tapestry Wool Stair Runner

Why Wool

Wool’s superior properties assure quality, function, and design. Wool’s natural characteristics of wearability and appearance retention make it the premium classic floor covering material.

The textures and construction of wool carpet are unsurpassed. From chunky, natural undyed yard in a variety of sheep colors to refined woven patterns & colors, wool offers timeless possibilities.

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Soil Resistant Wool Carpets

As a natural fiber, wool resists water-based stains making spot cleanup easy. The structure of wool fibers prevents soil and dust particles from burrowing into the wool carpet’s pile making it easier to keep clean with regular vacuuming. Wool’s naturally occurring resilient fiber structure and stain resistance means that carpet made from wool won’t diminish in appearance like synthetic alternatives. 

Environmental Friendly Wool Carpet

Ask a sheep how well wool works as an effective natural insulator. Wool carpet is comfortable underfoot insulating the floor making rooms more comfortable in winter. Unlike synthetic carpets, wool carpets require less chemicals to process and are a renewable resource. Wool carpets are also amazingly good for us. Research has found that wool traps airborne pollutants keeping your indoor air cleaner.

Flooring - Wool Carpet

Durable Wool Carpets

Unlike synthetic fibers that eventually become matted due to traffic or heavy furniture, wool has a natural spring back feature. Even though it is considered luxury, wool is not delicate. The wool fiber is naturally curly making it more crush resistant than other textiles. Wool carpets can stand up to decades of wear, retaining its appearance and springiness over years of use.

Grey wool carpet in a modern furnished living room with a white fireplace.

Natural Humidifier

As a hygroscopic material, wool can absorb up to 30 percent of its weight in water and still feel dry. So when conditions are humid, wool carpets help regulate air moisture, absorbing water vapor in the air and then releasing it when conditions become dry.

This unique ability of wool carpets helps stabilize your home’s air quality and improve comfort.

Where to Use Wool Carpets

Wool has a long legacy of luxury but its durability makes it a favorite option for high-traffic areas like staircases, hallways, or living rooms.

Because it is inherently flame retardant wool has long been favored around fireplaces.

Wool is also antistatic. For anyone who has felt the “zap” when touching a metal door handle, it is a little thing that makes wool unique.

Wool Area Rugs

A great way to integrate wool carpet into your space without the commitment of carpeting a whole room is by creating a custom wool rug. Perfect for creating a focal point in your room that helps tie your furniture together and can define individual spaces in a larger room. Beyond their aesthetic value, wool area rugs are a foolproof way to protect the floor underneath.

How It Works

Our experts at Classique Floors + Tile will help you through every step of the wool carpet and throw rug selection process:

● Explore the possibilities

● Select the colors for the look you want

● Assess the project in your home

● Order all materials

● Manage installation


Our experts will help you find the right kind of wool carpet for your home. Talk with a wool carpet professional at Classique today!