Ceramic Tile in Portland, Oregon

Ceramic tile offers an abundance of choices from classic white subway to hexagons and mosaics to decorative glazes. Ceramic tiles are perfect for kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, accent walls, and fireplace surrounds. Although you’ll have numerous details to consider with ceramic tile – size, color, pattern, grout, and pricing, you can count on us to help you from selecting the right tile to installing it in your home!

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Why Ceramic Tile

Tile is most often considered in bathrooms and kitchens but ceramic tile is offered in so many different shapes, sizes and designs it is an excellent option for almost any room in your home. Kitchens, bathrooms, fireplace surrounds, bars, stair risers and more are all excellent places to consider ceramic tile. There are many benefits to ceramic tile including:

  • Decorative
  • Waterproof
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reduces allergens
  • Heat resistant

Tile becomes a focal point in your home so take time and thought in the look you want to achieve. Ceramic tile can be an artistic expression of you and your home. Even the color of tile grout can add dimension and change the look of a space. Classique Floors + Tile has a spacious showroom where our knowledgeable team can help you find the look you want.

Types of Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile has been used for centuries to bring beauty and utility into homes. Its remarkable ability to mimic natural stone and to create visual interest has made it a favorite of kings to American colonists. Modern tile has only improved on the ancient methods. Made from time-tested recipes of clay and natural elements, ceramic tiles are glazed and fired for strength.

Artisan handmade decorative tile brings texture to a room, adding a pop of color or a subtle charm. From classic to contemporary, colorful to neutral, Classique Floors + Tile have ceramic tiles that fit your personality and make you happy every time you see it.

Ceramic Floor Tiles

Floor tiles are made to be durable, slip-resistant and stand up to heavy use in all areas of your home, especially bathrooms and kitchens. Ceramic tile made for floors range in size from small mosaic and hexs in a variety of sizes to squares, rectangles, and other interesting pattern possibilities up to 18 x 18-inch square. Easy to clean with soap and water, glazed ceramic floor tiles are non-porous making it easy to keep dust and dirt from becoming an allergen issue.

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Where to Use Ceramic Tile

The benefit of ceramic tile is that it can be used anywhere – fireplaces, kitchen backsplashes, walls, showers, mudrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, or bedrooms. If you have ever considered heated floors for your bathroom or bedroom, heat-resistant ceramic tile is an excellent flooring option.

How to Choose Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a long-term investment in your home for a lifetime so consider carefully the style and type of tile you want in your space. Also consider design – smaller, colorful tiles laid in a pattern can add a dramatic effect to a room, while larger, neutral tiles can make a space feel expansive. For floors, consider how much traffic the room will get and if there will be moisture. Smaller format tiles are good options on showers pans for safety and water flow to the drain.

How it Works

Our design experts at Classique Floors + Tile will walk you through the many styles, colors, and finishes of our ceramic tile brands to create your ideal space. Classique is a full-service installation company. Once you have found the look you want we will work with our installers to pull everything together for your project. From start to finish Classique brings your project to life:

  • Explore the possibilities
  • Select the colors for the look you want
  • Assess the project in your home
  • Order all materials
  • Manage full tile installation

Let our experts guide you through the process. Talk with a ceramic tile flooring professional at Classique today!

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