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Kitchen Flooring + Tile Showcase

Let’s get up close with several kitchen remodels so you can see the products selected and how they bring the entire concept together.

Clean, Fresh Kitchen 

This image represents our customer’s – Erin D – kitchen. Notice how clean and fresh it looks with its organic white countertops, coordinating square Zellige-style ceramic tiles, and simple blue cabinetry.

Classique Floors + Tile showcase kitchen installation

Here is a closeup of the Caesarstone Organic White countop which also goes into the window shelf.

Caesarstone Organic White countertop for showcase kitchen

Kitchen by Annalisa Pena Cedarwood Home – Vono Project

The installation you see below features Caesarstone in color Raw Concrete for the countertops and a stunning satin-finished tile called Flauti of twelve 2″x8″ mesh-mounted tiles.

Stunning kitchen installation with Classique tile

The backsplash creates a strong focal element with its counter-to-ceiling coverage over the kitchen window.

The indigo color of the tile contrasts well with the soft white cabinets and wall paint, as well as the countertops. The tile’s surface texture adds softness.

Vono Project Flauti tile for the backsplash

Here you see a close-up of the backsplash installation over the stovetop.

Flauti tile installed in a backsplash

Caesarstone in Raw Concrete adds subtle visual interest.

Raw Concrete Caesarstone Quartz Countertop

It pulls from the tile’s grout lines to tie all the elements together.

Counters and backsplash come together in this kitchen installation with Classique

Kitchen by Interior Design Alchemy in Portland, Oregon

The kitchen you see in the image above was designed by Interior Design Alchemy in Portland, Oregon.

The walls feature an all-over backsplash with WOW Subway Lab Canale Pearl. This is a 3″x6″ glossy textured subway tile with a raised linear pattern.

Canale Pearl Glossy Subway Tile

On the floor, Contempo Lunette Engineered Hardwood flooring in European White Oak adds a perfect touch of warmth to this kitchen. The boards are 6″ wide and vary in length from 14″ to 59″ inches for visual interest.

Contempo Lunette Engineered Hardwood Floor

And, the countertops consist of Ceasarstone Quartz in color Raw Concrete also used in the kitchen above.

Below, you see a closeup detail of the countertop and backsplash wall tile. Notice how the wood ledges tie the flooring selection to the overall design. The backsplash design is subtle, whimsical, and visually engaging.

The Raw Concrete countertop color plays with the darker tones of the backsplash design.

Focus on Wow Subway Lab Canale Pearl

The forest green cabinetry adds a natural earthy vibe to the overall kitchen, inviting activity, good smells, and plenty of interaction.


Kitchen images: Christopher Dibble Photography

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