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We take seriously our role in helping you find the ideal solution for your floors, countertops, backsplashes, and other tile work. Although we’ve been doing this for a while, we appreciate the feedback that customers like you share with us about the service they’ve received and the overall experience of working with Classique Floors + Tile. Why? Because your feedback is how we know we are on track.

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Thoughtful, Thorough, Inspiring Service

Sarah S. states:

Your visit inspired me to get organized with some other projects that need to be done. The wall to wall carpet is being removed from the upstairs this week. I need an estimate on wood flooring and carpet for the bedroom.

In response to being asked whether Sarah might need rubber-backed felt area rug pads cut to the size of little rugs she had custom created,

You are so thoughtful and so thorough. 

Valuable Design Perspective

Robin shared the following:

Hi Abby,

I hope your vacation to Iceland was wonderful!

Is there any chance you can stop by my house for a quick consultation on what to do in our kitchen with the cabinets? Of course, I’d pay you for your time. I can’t decide whether to paint the maple cabinets or maybe reface them and keep all of the wood look. I’ve gotten differing opinions from several people, I’ve spent way too much time looking at photos on the Internet, and now I’m totally confused! I really respect your opinion and would like to get your take on what to do, if that’s possible. I understand if you’re busy or just can’t do it.

Thank you, and please don’t feel bad if you can’t come by.


Wood floor installation testimonial and installation photo

Stunning Wood Floor Installation

The homeowner wanted to create an attractive yet practical home office with hardwood floors.

He chose Kahrs Flooring, and more specifically Tres Red Oak 3″ strip for his office floors for a warm look with strong visual interest given the color variation of the specific style of hardwood. The end result looked stunning.

“They look great!”

Wool Custom Area Rug and Stair Runner

This happy customer selected Couristan carpet Fire Diamonds, a wool carpet, to carpet the stairs in the house.

Cathy and Bill then decided to take that same carpet to make a custom area rug so they could continue the look, feel, and effect of the stair runner through the top level of the house.

They then returned for a wool carpet for their den.

Create a matching custom area rug with your stair runners

We Love the Rug!

Hi, Greg. Cathy and/or I should have written sooner, but we’ve been lulled into a deep torpor by the luxurious rug Classique recently delivered. We really, really love it!


So Happy With Pendleton Stair Runner Installation!

The client whose home now features a stunning stair runner installation with Pendleton wool fabric says the following:

Hi Abby! Yes, Ted and I love it so much! Robert did a fantastic job yesterday. Thanks for making this project feel easy from start to finish. 

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Bathroom showcase

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