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When you explore wool carpet at Classique Floors + Tile, you are sure to find Antrim Carpet from Stanton.

What is Antrim from Stanton Carpet?

Antrim is one of several Stanton Carpet brands and it specializes in high-quality natural hand-loomed rugs and carpets. Antrim carpet and rugs are made primarily from 100% wool with occasionally other fibers added to create a visual effect or pattern.

Furthermore, most of the colors result from blending different colors of natural wool. You’ll find a large selection of beautiful 15′-wide broadloom styles that can also be ordered as custom-sized rugs.

Why Is Antrim Special?

Antrim manufactures stunning wool carpets using ages-old techniques! Although you’ll find close to a hundred styles available in 100% wool, you’ll discover even more with a smattering of other fiber types as mentioned above. Each one is more beautiful than the other.

>> For additional ideas, be sure to check out Explore Portland’s Best Carpet Patterns which includes Antrim Xanadu in color Khaki which is a hand-loomed wool carpet in a tribal pattern.

In this article, we’ll focus specifically on four styles: Palermo, Buddah, Mina, and Padma all made from 100% undyed wool.


Discover Four Antrim Carpet Styles

1 – Antrim Palermo Carpet

Antrim Palermo Wool Carpet

Palermo is a thick, luscious hand-loomed plush carpet with a sophisticated look that will work in any space. This randomly hand-sheared product gives you a mixture of velvet texture and loops that play with light and both feel and look natural (see the image at the top of the article for a close-up view).

The heathered pattern is subtle and elegant. In the image above, you see Palermo used as an area rug against a hardwood floor with an attractive tonal border.

Because it is made from long staple wool, it wears well.

This carpet style comes in the following undyed European wool colors:

  • Cloud
  • Earth (pictured above)
  • Graphite
  • Limestone
  • Pearl
  • Sand
  • Shadow
  • Weathered Oak

2 – Antrim Buddah Carpet

Antrim Buddah carpet is hand-loomed and made from 100% undyed wool, in a tight loop pattern

Next, is Antrim Buddah carpet. This hand-loomed floor covering is made from 100% undyed wool, in a dense, chunky level loop pattern with a rich hand and intense personality. The color palette captures the different shades of undyed European wool as you can see in the image above. The entire range includes:

  • Bark
  • Cloud
  • Earth
  • Limestone
  • Natural
  • Oats
  • Pearl
  • Shadow
  • Weathered Oak

3 – Antrim Mina Carpet

Antrim Mina captures the look and feel of raw silk blended with wool

Antrim Mina captures the look and feel of raw silk blended with wool. This hand-loomed 100% wool textural pattern features a subtle striated pattern with random chunks of color as you can see in the image below. This carpet style comes in the following colors which lean either warm or cool:

  • Greige
  • Ivory
  • Limestone
  • Oat
  • Pebble
  • Sky

4 – Antrim Padma Carpet

Padma is a hand-tufted carpet in 100% wool that brings to mind a fluffy comfy sweater to wear underfoot

Padma is a hand-loomed carpet in 100% wool that brings to mind a fluffy comfy sweater to wear underfoot. This random tip-shear pattern creates a soft surface texture from the mix of cut and loops.

Each color consists of a neutral combined with several related color tones. Raven (featured above) blends blacks and greys with a neutral.

In addition to the color Raven, this carpet style comes in:

  • Cloud
  • Cork
  • Grey Frost
  • Rain
  • Sky


How to Use Stanton Antrim Wool Carpet?

What’s particularly wonderful about carpet is that you aren’t limited to using it solely as a wall-to-wall throughout-the-house flooring solution. You have a multitude of options in addition.

Wool Carpet Stair Runners

Here's Antrim wool carpet Mina installed as a stair runner, and it looks stunning

For example, carpet is ideal as a runner for hallways as well as for stairs.

In the image above, you see Antrim Mina installed as a stair runner, and it looks stunning! Notice how the linear pattern works with the up/down direction of the staircase, accentuating the vertical elements of the staircase.

Right Size Wool Rug For a Bedroom

Right Size Antrim Carpet Wool Rug For a Bedroom

Although bedrooms seem to be natural for wall-t0-wall carpeting, there are times (such as when you have a stunning tile installation) when an area rug designed specifically for that space is what you need. The image above shows off how Palermo looks as a rug with its stunning border. It looks warm (and friendly underfoot) and the heathered wool tones capture the tones of the tile.

The image below illustrates another approach for an area rug, using Antrim Mina.


How to Create a Right Size Rug with Antrim Carpet

Lucky for you, Stanton has created a fabulous tool for creating just the right-sized rug that you can use with Antrim Carpet. Here’s how that works:

  • Go to the Stanton Create a Rug Tool
  • Select your Antrim carpet style and color
  • Select the finish you’d like for your rug (i.e., binding, serging, mitered or folded corners….)
  • Enter the rug quantity and dimensions (width, length)
  • Next, select what type of attached backing or padding options you prefer
  • Save your choices

Once you’ve saved, you have a rug quote reference number that you can email to yourself and/or bring with you when you visit Classique Floors + Tile.

How to Create a Right Size Rug with Antrim Carpet

How to Care for Wool Carpet?

When you purchase an Antrim wool carpet, you’ll receive information on how to care for it. You can get a sneak peek by referring to page 2 of the Stanton Cleaning & Care Guide which focuses on Wool Carpet.

In general, when it comes to caring for your carpet, you’ll want to do the following:

  • Vacuum regularly and frequently
  • Remove spills immediately
  • Professionally clean the carpet per the manufacturer’s warranty requirements at specific intervals
  • Always use doormats to keep the grit and dirt from outside away from your carpeted and non-carpeted flooring.


Are You Ready to Explore Antrim 100% Wool Carpet Styles Firsthand?

If and when you’re ready, we invite you to visit the Classique Floors + Tile showroom in Portland where you can see Antrim wool carpet firsthand. We look forward to helping you.

Thanks for reading!


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