Wool and the Beauty of Nature’s Carpet

If you love wool, we think you’ll love Nature’s Carpet. First, the carpet styles are beautiful. Second, the company itself believes strongly in ethical, sustainable, and renewable soft surfaces for your home.

Why Wool Carpet?

Since ancient times wool has been used as a friendly decorative floor covering. The wool yarn was spun and hand-knotted into rugs often with intricate artistic patterns. Wool’s warmth and beauty add softness to homes, muffling sound and, protecting hard floors. Today, wool is a highly sought-after natural fiber and is an excellent option for your home given its many incredible benefits:

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Excellent sound absorption and insulation
  • Filters allergens and dust
  • Low toxicity
  • A rapidly renewable resource from sheep
  • Compliant with international certifications such as LEED in North America

Wool carpet underfoot is the equivalent of wearing a cozy, warm, and comfortable wool sweater. Image wearing the classic natural white random loop style carpet in the image above. Delicious, no?

What is Nature’s Carpet?

Nature’s Carpet specializes in natural wool carpets manufactured by the world’s top tufted wool broadloom manufacturers in both Europe and New Zealand, and then distributes them to flooring dealers like Classique Floors + Tile in the United States and throughout Canada. As the company states,

“Our natural wool carpets have been carefully curated for the discerning consumer who wishes to make an ethical flooring decision while maintaining quality and style, as well as considering the environmental impact of their purchase.”


“These retailers are carefully selected and share our passion for quality flooring and environmental responsibility. “

The Green Spectrum for Nature’s Carpet Collection

Nature’s Carpet feels so strongly about the notions of ethical, sustainable, and renewable that it has developed a Green Spectrum to better identify the different levels of eco-friendliness in its carpet products. It consists of Dark, Medium, and Light Green categories as follows:

Dark Green Wool Carpet Products

Dark Green products are the most natural and environmentally friendly because they are made from 100% undyed and chemical-free wool pile. That means that they include no chemical additives or insecticides at any stage. Carpet backings consist of natural jute; adhesives are made from natural latex. That makes the carpet biodegradable with low-VOC emissions (certified).

Medium Green Wool Carpet Products

Medium Green products consist of 100% wool pile on a natural jute backing, using undyed or stable low VOC dyes and synthetic backing adhesive. The carpet is insect resistant with low-VOC emissions (certified).

Light Green Wool Carpet Products

Light Green carpets include wool or wool-blend pile, using stable low VOC dyes, synthetic or jute backing, and synthetic backing adhesive.  The carpet is insect resistant with low-VOC emissions (certified).

Beautiful Wool Carpet from Nature’s Carpet

Here are a few samples from Nature’s Carpet that illustrate the beauty they offer your home.

Belltower Plush Wool Carpet

Belltower Plush by Nature’s Carpet is a rich, thick, cut pile wool, in all natural undyed colors. This is a Medium Green carpet.

Belltower Plush wool carpet by Nature’s Carpet

Everest Wool Carpet

Everest “Snow Cap” by Nature’s Carpet is a beautiful white 100% undyed wool. It’s a Dark Green product.

Everest “Snow Cap” by Nature’s Carpet, beautiful white 100% undyed wool

Cleopatra by Nature’s Carpet

Here you see Cleopatra by Nature’s Carpet in color Helios in a thick loop construction. It’s 100% wool, features dramatic grey streaks, and is a Light Green product.

You’ll find other similarly beautiful wool carpet styles from Nature’s Carpet at Classique Floors + Tile.

How to Care for Nature’s Carpet’s Stunning Wool Carpet?

The most effective means for caring for your wool carpet is by vacuuming, ideally once per week to remove soil, dirt, and any other detritus. For additional guidance, you’ll want to consult the following resources from Nature’s Carpet:

>> Care & Maintenance Guide (downloadable pdf).

>> View Warranty and Care Info


Tapestry by Nature’s Carpet – a chunky loop pile made of 100% New Zealand wool.

Are You Ready to Discover Nature’s Carpet at Portland’s Best Carpet Store Firsthand?

When you’re ready, we invite you to visit the Classique Floors + Tile showroom in Portland where you can see Nature’s Carpet wool products firsthand. We look forward to helping you.

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