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Are you familiar with COREtec? It’s the best brand in luxury vinyl waterproof flooring, and it’s available at Classique Floors + Tile in Portland, Oregon.

In case you don’t believe us, read on! We’ll start with big-picture information about COREtec and then go into more detail about specific styles and what makes them such great choices for your floors.

What is COREtec Flooring?

COREtec flooring is made up of multiple layers. Each layer serves a specific function – for example, the top layer provides protection; the design layer captures the look and feel of that specific product style; and a luxury vinyl or mineral core layer adds stability.

In the case of COREtec, the layers create waterproof floors so you don’t have to worry – as you might with wood, for instance – about installing the product in your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or anywhere for that matter.

Who Makes COREtec Floors?

The maker of COREtec products is US Floors which is now part of Shaw Flooring.

Stunning luxury vinyl flooring for your home

Why COREtec?

The question ‘Why COREtec’ gets to the essence of why we consider COREtec such an important product to carry and sell in the Classique Floors + Tile showroom.

You see, we’re obsessed with styling innovations such as Embossed In Register (EIR) technology for grain patterns you can feel, enhanced beveled edges for a more realistic appearance, and integrated grout lines in perfectly coordinating shades available with COREtec. These all add to the realism of the flooring.

Embossed In Register

You’ll notice many COREtec styles available in wood-look patterns and wood plank sizes. Embossed In Register actually stamps wood grain patterns into those wood-look styles. Not only do the visuals look like wood but when you run your hand (or barefoot) over the planks, you will feel textures and patterns.

Enhanced Beveled Edges

Bevels often define a wood floor. Thanks to advanced technical flooring innovations, bevels are now part of luxury vinyl waterproof flooring. In fact, COREtec offers several types of beveled edges.

Pillowed Edges

A newer edge profile is called pillowed and is softer than beveled edges.

Beveled Edges

Here, you see an example of beveled edges in a COREtec luxury vinyl wood look style. In addition to the bevel, notice the realism of the wood grain pattern.

Micro Beveled Edges

And, for those who don’t like the look of beveled edges, you can opt for a micro bevel as you see in the next image.

Integrated Grout Lines

Product that integrates grout lines in well-coordinated shades is ideal! To give you an example of how that looks, here is a COREtec Stone look:

What’s the Difference between COREtec Original, COREtec Advanced+, COREtec Stone, and COREtec Pro?

COREtec organizes its luxury vinyl waterproof products into several collections:

  • Original includes COREtec Premium, COREtec Enhanced, and COREtec Classics
  • COREtec Advanced+
  • COREtec Stone
  • Pro consists of COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced HD, COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced HD, COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced, COREtec Pro Premium, COREtec Pro Enhanced, and COREtec Pro Classics

three cores of COREtec

COREtec Original

As the name suggests, COREtec Original represents the collection that the company first started with when it launched waterproof multi-layer flooring product with a patented WPC (or Wood Plastic Composite) core technology that addressed so many modern lifestyle requirements.

For floors that support your lifestyle

It’s available in hundreds of styles and colors that provide stylish comfort for everyday living. More specifically,

  • Realistic wood looks and textures in various sizes
  • Cork backing that makes the floor quieter and warmer underfoot
  • Backed by a limited lifetime residential warranty

This cutaway explains the multilayer technology in the Original product. Notice 5 distinct layers.

COREtec original cutaway layers

UV Acrylic Finish

First is the durable UV acrylic finish that provides superior stain resistance and cleanability to the COREtec waterproof flooring.

Wear Layer

Next is the wear layer. It requires no maintenance while protecting against excessive wear and stains. You will never need to sand, seal, or refinish these floors.

Luxury Vinyl Design Layer

Under the wear layer is the luxury vinyl design layer. This is where the stunning COREtec looks, styles, and design selections happen, not to mention the textures, detailed embossing and beveling.

COREtec Core Structure

The core structure layer provides strength, stability, and waterproofness so that the floor will neither warp nor buckle. It also provides comfort as the thicker WPC core is soft underfoot.

The product is also easy to install as a floating floor even over existing floors.

Attached Cork Underlayment

The last layer consists of an attached natural cork underlayment that provides warmth and quiet while blocking out the cold and noise.

As COREtec explains about the Original collection,

“The Difference is in the CORE. Not until COREtec the Originals came along had beauty and function ever been so perfectly packaged into one floor. With the Originals collection, you get a wide variety of colors, all the characteristics you desire in your home’s floors – comfort, quiet, authenticity – and of course, our patented 100% waterproof, kidproof, petproof floor. These WPC (Wood Foamed Core) floors are easy to install, easy to live with, and easy to love. There’s nothing quite like the Original.”

Beautiful wood look floors in luxury vinyl planks

COREtec Advanced+

COREtec Advanced+ offers ultra-realistic looks combined with ultra-scratch protection. That allows you to have a floor you love that has been designed to stand up to whatever life serves you. More specifically, this luxury vinyl flooring offers you:

  • An industry-first 15-year scratch warranty
  • Variety of trend-setting visuals
  • Mixed plank lengths up to 86” long

Let’s look more closely at the layers.

COREtec Advanced+ cutaway layers

Proprietary Coating with Advanced Scratch Resistance

The top layer consists of a proprietary coating with advanced scratch resistance for durability that protects against stains, scuffs, and scratches.

Design Layer

The design layer is all about the looks of the Advanced+ collection: matte finish, textured grain, and finely painted bevel details.

High-Density Mineral Core

The high-density mineral core layer provides extra rigid support. Plus, it’s 100% waterproof so your floors won’t warp, buckle, or swell.

Balancing Layer

COREtec Advanced+ includes a balancing layer for extra stability.

Attached Cork Underlayment

Finally, the attached natural cork underlayment means that your floors are warm and quiet.

Stunning COREtec stone looks for your floors

COREtec Stone

COREtec Stone represents an exciting design development. Rather than emulate wood, it captures the look and feel of stone without being as challenging. It’s slip, chip, and crack-resistant. Integrated grout lines mean that you have a clean look and installation takes hours rather than days:

  • Designer-curated collection of patterns and colors
  • Softer, warmer, and quieter than traditional tile
  • Backed by a limited lifetime residential warranty

This Stone product includes four layers.

Coretec stone cutaway layers

Proprietary Coating

The first protective coating layer provides durability and protection against stains and scuffs.

Design Layer

The design layer offers various stone looks and includes integrated and perfectly color-coordinated grout lines on a bevel.

High-Density Mineral Core

The high-density mineral core provides structure rigid support and is 100% waterproof.

Attached Cork Underlayment

Finally, the attached natural cork underlayment means that your floors are quiet and warm.

Beautiful slate look COREtec stone flooring

The company explains:

“COREtec Stone is a radically different approach to flooring because we took a radically different perspective. We didn’t try to emulate stone. We emulated the way you live. And that simply changed everything. An embossed thermo-resin layer provides stunning realism and the integrated grout lines match your floor perfectly, without making a mess. The protective layer on top ensures the surface doesn’t scratch, while the rigid mineral core and cork underlayment dampen footsteps. COREtec Stone is a tile that offers an unprecedented combination of design, simple installation, livability and durability. You can buy, install and walk upon your new floor in a single day. Stylish. Strong. Simplified. It lives like you.”

Stunning COREtec stone flooring

COREtec Pro

The COREtec Pro collection represents engineered toughness to stand up to commercial and high-traffic residential settings, with a denser, more rigid SPC core:

  • Extra impact resistance withstands heavy use
  • The rigid core features special top and bottom layers for stability
  • Backed by a limited 15-year heavy commercial warranty

You’ll find six layers in these products.

Cutaway of COREtec Pro luxury vinyl flooring

UV Acrylic Finish

The top UV acrylic finish layer provides durability, superior stain resistance, and cleanability.

Wear Layer

The wear layer means you have a maintenance-free product that never needs sanding, sealing, or refinishing.

Luxury Vinyl Design Layer

The luxury vinyl design layer provides the design with detailed embossed and beveled textures.

Super-Dense SPC (Solid Polymer Core)

The core layer is made of super-dense SPC. It’s 100% Waterproof, won’t warp or buckle, and is dent-resistant with commercial-grade impact resistance. The product can be installed easily over existing floors.

Balancing Layers

Balancing layers provide extra stability.

Attached Cork Underlayment

And finally the attached natural cork underlayment for warmth and quiet.

COREtec Flooring Installation Tips

COREtec floors are engineered for simple installation – which saves you time and money on professional installation or lets you take on a DIY project. You’ll find demonstration videos, and detailed installation instructions for each collection on the COREtec website.

>> See COREtec installation tips

How to Clean and Maintain COREtec Luxury Vinyl Floors

A major appeal for COREtec luxury vinyl waterproof flooring is that it’s insanely easy to clean and maintain despite pet accidents, kid disasters, weather unpredictability, and anything else that might come up. That said, here are four tips:

1. Clean Your New Floors

When your floors are first installed and before moving your furniture back in, clean the floors. You can sweep, dust mop, or vacuum to get rid of any debris. Then you can lightly damp mop with a mop that has been well-wrung.

2. Protect Your Floors

As strong and durable as your COREtec floors are, you should still protect them with walk-off mats at any entrances and doorways. (That also means less work for you since the mats will capture dirt and grit.)

You can also use floor protectors under heavy furniture, chairs, and tables.

3. The Best Cleaner for Your COREtec Floors Is…

A pH-neutral floor cleaner! That’s what’s best for cleaning your COREtec LVP. In fact, COREtec recommends Encore Care for Luxury Vinyl Flooring.

4. Stay Away From…

Don’t use any of these products on your COREtec luxury vinyl flooring:

  • Cleaners with floor polish or detergent.
  • Don’t use treated dust mops as they may leave a residue.
  • Don’t use vacuums with rotating beater bars on hard surfaces.
  • Avoid mop and shine products and steam mops.
Stunning COREtec waterproof flooring

Learn More About COREtec Luxury Vinyl Waterproof Flooring

Are you ready to buy COREtec waterproof flooring? Or, do you have more questions?

We invite you to learn more about these floors. Simply visit the Classique Floors + Tile showroom to see for yourself what makes this waterproof product stand out in so many ways.

Thanks for reading!



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