If you’re looking to make a statement with your floors, look no further than these three Masland Carpet patterns inspired by vintage traditional patterns in fresh modern colorways. Scotland, Harrogate, and Half Moon Bay are stunning examples of vibrant patterns that not only bring a room to life but also make everything around them look beautiful – whether wood, tile, Marmoleum, fabric, or accessory.

The display you see in the image below captures some of that versatility with the pattern Scotland in color Cobblestone surrounded by other patterns and surface materials in purples, blues, and earthy beiges that coordinate with the pattern.

Masland Carpet Pattern Scotland at Classique Floors + Tile

About Masland Carpet

Are you familiar with Masland Carpet? The company has a rich carpet manufacturing history having started in 1866 in Pennsylvania, since then expanding into hard surfaces in addition to carpet and rugs. You’ll notice originality, innovation, and plenty of appealing colors when you browse Masland products. That holds true for these three stunning carpet patterns.

In fact, all three patterns belong to the Masland Carpet 1866 By Masland collection.

Three Stunning Masland Carpet Patterns

Scotland, Harrogate, and Half Moon Bay stand out for being colorful. Each one includes coordinating and contrasting colors against a background color. And even that background color includes tonal variations and striations.

Each pattern features a repeating motif.

Noteworthy is that these carpets are 15′ wide, and made from 100% Polyester. This makes the carpet soft and cleanable, and easy to bend around steps if you choose to install it on stairs.

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The construction is Face to face Wilton, which according to The Carpet Council is:

“The Face to face Wilton process is similar to the traditional Wilton manufacturing except this time the material is woven between two backing processes creating a sandwich effect. A blade then slices the material into two creating top and bottom carpets which are identical, but mirrored.  The process is very cost effect with no yarn wastage, but can only be produced as cut pile carpet.  Most plain Wilton uses the face to face manufacturing method.” 

In other words, this is a well-priced durable woven carpet product with a soft pile surface.

You’ll love the fresh color palette – with rosey tones and blues – for these patterns and, because the carpet has a low-luster finish, you’ll easily notice the color and pattern subtleties.

All three patterns are perfect for stairs, custom rugs, as well as wall-to-wall carpeting.

Scotland in Cobblestone, Brookside, Midnight

Let’s start with Scotland by Masland pictured below in color Brookside. Notice the fresh blue background and the richness of the tonal variation.

Scotland by Masland in color Brookside. Notice the fresh blue background and the richness of the tonal variation.

Scotland also comes in colors Midnight and Cobblestone. Masland describes this pattern as follows:

“Deliberately designed with an air of authenticity for wall–to-wall drama or a perfectly placed rug, “Scotland” exudes heritage and modern intrigue. A carefully curated palette of space-dyed polyester highlights the fine details associated with the quality of a face-to-face Wilton and honors its timeless appeal.”

Scotland in Cobblestone, Brookside, Midnight

Scotland’s carpet pattern repeat is 36″ x 39″.

Harrogate in Midnight, Brookside, Cobblestone

Next is Harrogate in color Cobblestone. In this pattern, the design integrates with the background, unlike Scotland where the two are more distinct.

Harrogate by Masland Carpet in color Cobblestone

Here is how Masland characterizes this carpet pattern:

“Decorative elements drawn with a vintage eye, strike a balance between old world charm and modern intention in “Harrogate”.

An expertly curated palette in space-dyed polyester highlights the fine details and quality of a face-to-face Wilton. Stunning and unexpected wall–to-wall, or perfectly proportioned as a rug, this design adds a touch of whimsy and elegance to any space.”

The color palette includes Midnight, Cobblestone, and Brookside.

Harrogate in Midnight, Brookside, Cobblestone

As with Scotland, Harrogate’s pattern repeat measures 36″ x 39″.

Half Moon Bay in Midnight, Antique Rose, Leather, Saddle, Sand

Finally, here’s Half Moon Bay in color Midnight.

In this pattern, the design is distinctly nature-based with flowers and stems against the background.

here's Half Moon Bay in color Midnight.

According to Masland,
“Palmettes and floral bouquets trail gracefully throughout this design, highlighting the skilled hand of the artist.
Intentional distressing and subtle palette of space-dyed techniques make this traditional design feel dream-like and evolved. Face-to-face Wilton details in space-dyed polyester adds practical wear and invites an enduring elegance to your home.”
This pattern includes five colors: Midnight, Antique Rose, Saddle, Leather, and – in the middle – Sand.
Masland Carpet's Half Moon Bay in Midnight, Antique Rose, Leather, Saddle, Sand

Half Moon Bay has the largest pattern repeat of these three Masland Carpet styles: 7’6″ x 3’3″.

How To Care for Masland Carpet Patterns

Because these three carpet patterns are constructed from 100% polyester, they are easy to care for. Masland has put together the following guidance for the 1866 carpet collection:

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The carpets also come with a two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty as detailed in this document: 1866 By Masland & All Seasons Warranty (pdf)

Interested in Masland Carpet Patterns for Your Home?

Patterned carpet can add beauty and character to a home whether you install them wall-to-wall or decide to create custom rugs and custom stair runners for different spaces in your house. The best way to evaluate them is to see them for yourself.

We look forward to helping you and answering any questions you have about these beautiful Masland carpet patterns.