What does ‘hardened wood flooring‘ bring to mind?

When we first encountered Valinge’s Woodura, we were intrigued. We think you will be, too. It’s not only beautiful but also durable and waterproof.

Hardened Wood Flooring

To create this wood flooring product, Valinge invented a new category for hardwood, taking real wood veneer and combining it with a rigid core also made from wood.

The end result includes no plastic. It is waterproof, highly impact-resistant, and easily three to five times stronger than traditional wood floors. From there, you get the ‘hardened wood flooring’ name.

Furthermore, the styling is stunning! Woodura features extra long and wide planks that easily interconnect thanks to the Kahrs 5G locking system.

Featured products: Woodura by Valinge

This image combines Oak Nature in Hard Smoked on the left with Oak Nature in Honey on the right.


Woodura’s Stunning Range of Wood Styles

Woodura’s surface technology highlights the Swedish company’s commitment to innovation, performance, and real wood aesthetics. The collection includes three wood types in a total of 11 colors:

  • Oak Nature in Honey
  • Oak Nature in Natural
  • Oak Nature in MistyWhite
  • Oak Nature in Earth Grey
  • Oak Nature in Mineral Grey
  • Oak Nature in Hard Smoked
  • Oak Nature in Medium Smoked


  • Ash Select in Powder White
  • Ash Select in Earth Grey

And, finally:

  • Walnut Nature in Natural
  • Walnut Nature in Terra Brown

Hardened Wood Plank Options

Woodura comes in two widths:

  • 8.25″
  • 10.75″

It is available in extra-long plank lengths up to 8′ which makes for stunning effects when installed.

An Example of Woodura Hardened Wood Flooring

This is one of our very favorite real-life examples of Woodura installed in a demanding environment: an airport.

More specifically, you’ll encounter Valinge’s Woodura hardened wood flooring in the Reykjavik airport in Iceland. Not only does it look beautiful but it adds to the overall warmth of the space, coordinating perfectly with the undulating wooden bench installation as you can see in the image below.

You'll encounter Valinge's Woodura hardened wood flooring in the Reykjavik airport in Iceland

Hardened Wood Flooring: Stronger Than Real Wood

Valinge prides itself on having created a wood floor that, thanks to its great design, durability, and water-proof characteristics, is truly built for a worry-free life. As the company explains,

“We couldn’t be happier to introduce our new hardened wood floor collection — featuring 11 unique designs for you to explore and available right up to luxurious XXL formats. Our entire range features the incredible patented Woodura® surface technology and 5G® Dry™ fold-down system  — making our real wood floors 3–5 times stronger than traditional hardwood floors, a breeze to install, and waterproof — all at a great price.”

For that reason, it created the new ‘hardened wood flooring’ category because it offers “the unmistakable feel and luxury of a real wood floor combined with next-level durability and waterproofness.”

Valinge woodura flooring

Valinge Woodura flooring – Walnut Nature in Natural


The next three images below show you how Woodura looks installed in several spaces within the same residential space. All three feature Woodura Walnut Nature in Terra Brown.

First, you see a close-up of a step and floor. Notice the interesting contrast between the step installation which combines a wide and narrow width plank, and that of the perpendicularly installed floor planks.

Hardened Wood Flooring: Stronger Than Real Wood

Next, you see the conversation area with Woodura Walnut Nature in Terra Brown and an area rug to help define the space.

Woodura Walnut Nature in Terra Brown

Finally, a larger view of the living area beyond the conversation space. The wide long planks add a sense of calm spaciousness.

The wide long planks add a sense of calm spaciousness.

Are You Ready to Explore Valinge’s Woodura Hardened Wood Flooring Firsthand?

If and when you’re ready, we invite you to visit the Classique Floors + Tile showroom in Portland where you can experience Woodura Hardened Wood Flooring firsthand. We look forward to helping you.

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