5 Important Considerations to Help You Pick the Perfect Flooring For Your Home

You’re excited about selecting the perfect floor for your dream addition or long-planned home remodel. And then you realize you don’t know where to start to make that dream become reality. No worries! Here are 5 considerations to get you organized and help you pick the perfect flooring. They come from Classique Floors + Tile’s extensive experience helping customers like you find the perfect floor.

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How to Pick the Perfect Flooring

The first consideration has to do with practicalities around the room or area in your home where you plan to install new flooring, both in terms of living in the space and the specifics of the space itself.

Perfect flooring practicalities: who will be using the floor?

1. Perfect Flooring Practicalities

What room(s) is the new flooring for?

What is the size of the room (width, length and shape)? We recommend that you draw a simple diagram of the room layout using grid paper. Go ahead and include details such as:

  • Does the room stand alone or flow into other rooms?
  • Is there a definite traffic pattern in the room?
  • Are there outside entrances to this room?

How do you use this room? Will food or beverages be consumed? Will young children play in this room? Does anyone using the room have mobility concerns (wheelchair, walker, etc.)?

Does anyone using this room have allergy concerns?

Do you have pets and will they be allowed in this room?

Are there any heavy objects in the room such as a piano or a pool table?

What kind of flooring maintenance schedule are you comfortable with?

Is the flooring change part of a major home remodeling project? Are there other elements to coordinate with? (See next category)

What kind of existing flooring is there? Does it need to be removed?

What is underneath the existing flooring (e.g., concrete or plywood)? Is that sub-floor level? Is it above grade, on grade, or below grade as in a basement? Do you have radiant-heated sub-floors? If not, are you looking to install radiant or heated flooring?

How much direct sunlight does this room get?

Is there the potential for moisture, mold, or mildew in this room? Do you have to run a humidifier in the room?

The perfect flooring works with your design sensibilities

2. Flooring Design Considerations

This next consideration looks at how the new flooring needs to integrate and coordinate with your design preferences. Although very practical, flooring is also an important design element. In fact, it’s sometimes referred to as the “Fifth Wall” in a room. As such, you might start the design process with your flooring selection.

What is your design style – contemporary, traditional, ultramodern, rustic, etc.? Will this room need to feel casual or formal? What is your color scheme? What kinds of patterns will you have?

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Are you looking to create a bold statement with your floor? Do you prefer to match the floor to another design element in the room? Do you have images, fabric samples, paint chips, etc. to take with you when choosing your flooring?

What kind of flooring materials appeals to you? Do you like textures and patterns underfoot? Do you like a cushiony feel or a firm one?

Will you need to coordinate the flooring in this room with adjacent rooms to create a unified visual flow?

Do you need to coordinate the timing of the flooring installation with other design changes (e.g., paint walls, complete wiring changes, etc.)?

How important are sustainable flooring options to you?

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The perfect flooring is a perfect backdrop for life.

3. Time and Budget Considerations

Next, you’ll want to consider your constraints around time and budget. New flooring represents an investment and you want to make the right decision to fit your lifestyle and make you happy.

Are you trying to meet a deadline for your new floor? If it is tight, you might prefer to consider items that are in-stock rather than decide on a special order selection.

How long will the installation itself take and how long after it’s installed will you be able to use it?

What budget have you set for new flooring? Price vary across flooring types, so explore your options. For example, can you achieve the look of hardwood or stone in other flooring materials?

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What kind of warranties are available on the flooring product as well as installation?

The perfect flooring meets your budget and timing constraints

4. Flooring Cost Considerations

This next consideration helps you understand the costs associated with new flooring so you can evaluate them against your budget.

What is the cost for installing your flooring selection? What does the cost include? Are there other charges? For example,

  • If the old flooring needs to be removed, will installers remove old flooring?
  • Who will dispose of the old flooring? If installers, will there be an extra charge?
  • Do you need furniture removed? If so, will there be an additional charge?
  • If the subfloor isn’t flat, how will that be addressed before installation?
  • Do the installers clean up all scraps and messes?

For carpet installations, how much will carpet cushion cost? Are upgrades available?

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The perfect flooring feels good underfoot

5. Installation Considerations

Finally, you’ll want to consider what’s involved to install your perfect flooring. These questions help you prepare for the installation of your new floors.

How can carpet seams be minimized? Can you get a diagram showing the direction of the carpet/pattern and where seams will be placed?

Do you have a preference as to the direction you would like the flooring installed? If that’s not possible, have you found out why?

Does the new flooring need to be acclimated in the room prior to installation (such as with solid hardwood or laminate?)

If you are remodeling a bathroom, who will remove the toilet, tub, shower or pedestal sink and what is the fee? Who will reinstall these items?  And, in a kitchen remodel, will there be a fee for moving appliances?

What do you need to do to prepare for the installation of your new flooring?

  • Will doors need to be trimmed to accommodate the new flooring?
  • Does painting need to be complete?
  • Do the rooms need to be emptied before installation? What about items on walls?
  • Will you need to ensure a clear path for bringing in flooring materials?
  • Does gas and/or electrical need to be disconnected?
  • How can you protect your home from dust associated with the installation?
  • When should you be available during installation?
  • Can you examine the flooring prior to installation to confirm style and color variations and review your preferences?
  • Do you need to ensure a certain temperature level during installation?
  • Do you need to ensure ventilation afterwards? For how long?

After the installation of your new flooring, when can you inspect the work with a store representative in case you have concerns or issues?

Have you received, read, and do you understand all the maintenance and warranty information regarding your new flooring?

The perfect flooring creates no installation surprises

Ready to shop Classique Floors + Tile and pick the perfect flooring?

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You’ll be delighted. We promise.

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