Be Ultra Violet Inspired With Your Flooring and Tile Selections!

There’s something about purples and violets that excite as well as inspire. Perhaps it’s because the color comes from a combination of primary colors blue and red, and capture both the cool and the warm side of the color spectrum… According to Pantone, which chose the shade Ultra Violet (a blue-based purple) as the 2018 Color of the Year,

“…It communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.”


“Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now. The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own.”

Lee Eiseman quote about Pantone color of the year 2018 Ultra Violet

How to Incorporate Ultra Violet Inspiration with Your Flooring and Tile Choices

You may be thinking that Ultra Violet isn’t for you. However, before you make that decision, stay with us. You’ll see some beautiful flooring and tile products, and you’ll get ideas for incorporating a few touches of this color in a way that can be inspiring and not over-bearing. Or, you can completely embrace the color starting with paint, and continue with all sorts of flooring and tile choices.

Look how dramatic Ultra Violet looks when combined with a very dark colored floor and wall tile.

Highland 9" x 36" Floor and Wall Tile in Dark Greige with dramatic touches of Ultra Violet from Bedrosians

Highland 9″ x 36″ Floor and Wall Tile in Dark Greige with dramatic touches of Ultra Violet from Bedrosians

Ultra Violet Touches in Marmoleum

Our goal with this article is to highlight the wealth of choices you have for your floors, in this case starting with Marmoleum.

Marmoleum is a linoleum manufactured by Forbo Flooring Systems from linseed oil combined with tree resins, recycled wood flour, cork dust, limestone and mineral pigments, mounted on jute or canvas backing. That makes Marmoleum flooring a material made of 97% natural raw materials and 43% recycled content. 72% of the natural raw materials are renewable and will grow back within 10 years. The entire product is biodegradable and is USDA certified 100% bio-based.

>> See Why Select Marmoleum Flooring for Your Portland, Oregon Home?

Not only is Marmoleum extremely durable, and long-lasting, but it also comes in a wealth of colors and designs, including violet-inspired ones! For example, this StriatoColor Marmoleum includes many other colors, making the violet tone not as intense as a solid color.

Marmoleum Striato in shades of Ultra Violet

Marmoleum Striato in shades of Ultra Violet

Carpet and Rugs in Ultra-Violet

If you’re particularly confident about your love of violet/purple, you might opt for a wall-to-wall carpet solution with a beautiful cut-loop pattern such as this style from Fabrica.


Cape Town Stellenbosch Carpet by Fabrica

Or, you can select this style for an area rug and create a welcoming conversation corner where you and your guests can have deep conversations about the complexity of the world and how to pursue a better one.

For more information about carpet styles, read All About Carpet Styles: Frieze, Berber, Loop, Patterned, and More

Ultra Violet Inspired Tile

Where we have tremendous fun pursuing Ultra Violet possibilities is with tile as you’ll see with the examples below. They range from bold to subtle, modern to classic and intensely inspiring.

Contemporary Inspiration

This Multi Circle Bath from Pratt and Larson features the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year, Greenery, in addition to yellows, blues, reds and – yes – a deep shade of violet in a fresh contemporary design. It’s a color that coordinates with and complements many other colors.

Multi Circle Bath Tile from Pratt and Larson

Multi Circle Bath Tile from Pratt and Larson

Be Subtle with Your Ultra Violet

If you wanted to create a more subtle effect, you could select 6×6 Amethyst bath tiles from Pratt and Larson as you see in the image below. These are combined with a dramatic dark-toned stone tub surround and a playful floral wall tile.

Amethyst Bath by Pratt and Larson

Amethyst Bath by Pratt and Larson

Another form of subtlety takes a simple 1×1 glass mosaic tile in a purple color – here Amethyst from American Olean – to create a kitchen backsplash design or possibly a focal wall design and shower niche background in a bathroom.

Glass 1X1 Mosaic in Plum from America Olean

Glass 1X1 Mosaic in Plum from America Olean

Be Totally Artistic with Ultra Violet!

Another approach to Ultra Violet is to completely embrace the amazing creativity that you’ll find in tile, starting with Matchstix Raging Sea Glass Tile from Tilebar which,

“This stunning mosaic is handcrafted in stained glass. With a daring mixture of pink, iridescent shades of blue & shades of brown & gray, this glass tile will add a luminescent quality to any bathroom, kitchen or pool installation.” 

Matchstix Raging Sea Glass Tile from Tilebar

Matchstix Raging Sea Glass Tile from Tilebar

This next example, Orchid Marble and Glass Tile from Tilebar, is truly striking.

“Elegant White Thassos marble is paired with polished purple glass to create this visually striking design. Inspired by the enticing and exotic orchid, this luxurious selection is guaranteed to be a timeless addition to your home for many years to come. Designed from the highest quality material, this divine tile exudes class and elegance and is sure to bring your home a lifetime of lavish refinement.”

Orchid Marble and Glass Tile from Tilebar

Orchid Marble and Glass Tile from Tilebar

This last example – Zeolite Violet 24×24 porcelain tile from Tilebar – captures what we find so mesmerizing about Ultra Violet:

“Make way for minerals. Unearth the true beauty of your space with our groundbreaking new Zeolite Collection. Evoking the natural beauty of volcanically formed Agate stone, vivid bands of color bend and swirl throughout each piece visually combining the unique geological qualities of each element: stone, air & water together to define this innovative new series.”

 Zeolite Violet 24x24 porcelain tile from Tilebar

Zeolite Violet 24×24 porcelain tile from Tilebar

Looking for Additional Ultra Violet Inspiration?

For more ultra-violet infused inspiration, check out the following resources:

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Ultra Violet inspiration from Portland, Oregon in the spring

Ultra Violet inspiration from Portland, Oregon in the spring

How Might You Add Ultra Violet to Your Next Home Design Project?

We’d love to hear.

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