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The entire process from product selection, to on-site estimating, to scheduling and installation was seamless and efficient. The installers always called ahead of time to update their arrival time, were friendly and helpful, and cleaned up after themselves at the end of the day. No stress; no strain on our part. Too bad we won’t need carpeting for another 10-12 years or so; my wife and I will miss these guys! Read more
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I use Classique Floors because Judith supports some of our local communities like SnowCap, and puts ads in the East Portland community news. They are professional, listen to your needs and wants, and I was extremely pleased with the carpet layers. Read more
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Your store offered me a product I hadn’t seen before and I felt welcome the eight plus times I went there. The staff is welcoming, your coffee is great and Liz had the answer for every question I had. I don’t think you missed anything! Read more
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We just remodeled our kitchen, dining room, utility room and bedroom using your products, your installers and Suzanne, our estimator. Our experience was excellent. We will come back. Our house is beautiful!  We could not have done it without your help. God bless you all. Read more
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I was impressed with the speed and efficiency of the carpet installers and the nice work that Bill did on the Marmoleum – very meticulous! Read more
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From the bottom of my heart I wanted to thank ‘The Classique Team’ for your professionalism and excellent work. My husband and I are thrilled with our new hardwood floor. I feel like I have a new house. It smells new too! What a wonderful house warming coming home to the job completed. I would recommend Classique Floors to all my friends and family. Thank you so much. Read more
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I had a lot of excellent ideas from the showroom personnel. I was in quite a few times and everyone was very helpful and pleasant. Thank you. Read more
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Judith was very helpful in talking me out of our original choice and into a much better match and something we will be much happier with. Suzanne was great to work with. Very knowledgeable and pleasant. Our installer, Bill, was very helpful and friendly. Read more
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Customer Service Plus!! I recently had a large floor area replaced due to a manufacturing defect. Ryan came out, saw the issue, submitted the paperwork and got the ball rolling. He never said or implied that I was at fault. The job was quickly put in the loop and started. John and Andrew worked efficiently and left a clean work area daily. They were pleasant and communicated what was happening and why. After 7 days, they were finished! But after a closer look several finishing details had been … Read more Theresa HawkinsMilwaukie

Smooth Sailing

Their team is professional, courteous and dedicated to getting the job done right the first time… We know when Classique Floors is on our projects, it will be smooth sailing. Read more
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Linoleum or Marmoleum flooring? Let’s talk!

Marmoleum (a type of linoleum) is growing in popularity quickly! Many designers choose marmoleum because it’s very versatile and easy to install. Linoleum of all kinds is now available in an astounding number of colors, textures and patterns.

Available in rolls or sheets, tiles or floating planks, both marmoleum and linoleum can be cut to form decorative patterns, bordered in contrasting colors, or colors can be mixed and matched to create your own look. Both linoleum and marmoleum are very durable and stand up to years of foot traffic.

Marmoleum is a versatile and a healthy choice

Marmoleum is one of the most popular flooring choices today. It’s made of all natural materials and free from toxins or chemical residues, so it’s good for your home and the environment. It also has antibacterial properties that keep dangerous bacteria from spreading.

It’s long-lasting, with an estimated life span of fifty years under normal use. Comfortable to stand and walk on, marmoleum also helps reduce dust mites and many common allergies. Being anti-static means dirt doesn’t stick to it and it’s easier to clean. Hard to beat that!

For best results with marmoleum, have a professional install, seal and finish it properly. And it needs a completely smooth, flat subfloor. Our expert installers have installed many beautiful Marmoleum floors—when you visit our store, you can see some examples on our showroom floor.

Learn more about marmoleum and how it’s made in the video below.

People have relied on linoleum for more than 150 years

Invented in 1864, linoleum has been used in homes, offices and public buildings for years. It was the most popular flooring in the first half of the 20th century, which is why you see it in many older homes. In the ‘90s it was re-discovered due to its “green” manufacturing process and its retro look.

Unlike vinyl flooring (vinyl and linoleum are often confused), linoleum flooring is made solely from raw, all-natural and biodegradable materials – including linseed oil, wood and cork flours and tree resin. In addition, the colors used in linoleum designs and patterns go all the way through the material. Linoleum and marmoleum will not show wear like vinyl will, which has colors and patterns only stamped on the top layer.

With the resurgence of its popularity, the choices of colors and patterns, from traditional to bold and adventurous, has exploded. Both marmoleum and linoleum are wonderful surfaces to work with. We have lots of samples in our store and can tell you more about all of the possibilities.

Stop in to talk to a project consultant about the area you want to cover in a long-lasting, durable, beautiful material. We’ll help you choose what works best.

There are more details below. Be sure to explore our gallery for ideas!

Linoleum sheets are typically 79-inch wide and are the way to go if you’re commiting to a solid color (although people have been know to install them in “stripes” of alternating colors. Professional installation is recommended with linoleum sheets.

Linoleum tile allows you to mix and match colors in your floor and, over time, switch out tiles that experience excessive wear, lengthening the life of your overall floor. In the case of Marmoleum, their MCT (Marmoleum Composition Tile) offers more indentation and stain resistance than their sheets.

Floating Plank
Floating linoleum planks feature an interlocking system that allows them to be installed over existing floors without glue or nails, making it easy to install. Marmoleum features a Marmoleum Click option that comes in 12” x 12” squares and 12” x 36” planks and a variety of colors.

Although often discussed in casual conversation as if it’s a separate product, Marmoleum is actually a brand of linoleum and a trademarked brand. Created by Forbo, Marmoleum stands out from typical linoleum by being asthma and allergy-certified safe and available in a variety of colors and styles, many of which have come to be associated with the Marmoleum name, the marble-styled Marmoleum Real in particular. It’s also known for being colorfast and highly durable. The color goes all the way through, so wear spots aren’t terribly noticeable, and scuffs and scratches can be buffed out.

Linoleum is a unique material with maintenance characteristics similar to wood. It is tough and durable but susceptible to moisture and alkalinity. In order to produce its best appearance and to protect it from dirt and excess moisture, linoleum should be cleaned with cared for with recommended product only.

NOTE: Do not wet wash, machine scrub, or strip the floor for at least four days after installation. This is to prevent excess moisture from interfering with the adhesive bond and/or seam treatments.

Regular Cleaning

  • Sweep or vacuum floor thoroughly
  • Mix S-485 Armstrong Commercial Floor Cleaner with recommended amount of COOL water per instructions.
  • Wash with lightly dampened mop
  • Change cleaning solution frequently
  • Allow floor to dry


  • Sweep or vacuum floor thoroughly
  • Mix S-485 Armstrong Commercial Floor Cleaner with recommended amount of COOL water per instructions.
  • Wash with lightly dampened mop
  • Change cleaning solution frequently
  • Allow floor to dry
  • Apply 2-3 coats S-480 Armstrong Commercial Floor Polish with a clean damp mop
  • Apply polish in areas 3-4 square feet (do not pour on floor)
  • Let dry at least 30 minutes between coats
  • Allow final coat at least 60 minutes to dry

Restorative Maintenance – Stripping
Stripping or removing previously applied polish to your floor should only be performed when routine cleaning no longer works to get your floor looking like new again.

Linoleum Color Change
“Drying room yellowing” sometimes referred to as “seasoning bloom,” “drying room film” or “stove yellowing” is a natural phenomenon that occurs during the manufacturing process of all linoleum. As linoleum cures in the drying room, a yellowish cast may develop on the surface due to the oxidation of the linseed oil. This is not a product defect. Any change in the product’s appearance because of this yellow cast is temporary and disappears after exposure to either natural or artificial light. The time required for the yellow cast to disappear ranges from a few hours to several weeks depending on the type and intensity of the light source. Typically, the yellow cast disappears more quickly with exposure to natural light. The application of floor finishes will not interfere with the dissipation of the yellow cast. Disappearance of the yellow cast will not occur on areas not exposed to light.

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