If you’re looking for the most sustainable countertops possible for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, look no further! Now available at Classique Floors + Tile are Butcher Block countertops from Sustainable Northwest Wood!

These stunningly beautiful products are sure to transform your home while providing you with endless satisfaction. And, you will be doing good for the planet and the Pacific Northwest.

If you’re intrigued, read on!

Northwest Butcher Block Countertops by Sustainable Northwest Wood

What makes these stunning butcher block countertops so sustainable is that they have been responsibly sourced from FSC-certified woodlands, salvaged from restoration projects, or the forest harvesting waste stream throughout the Northwest. (FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC-certified means that the wood comes from forests that are responsibly managed to provide the maximum number of social, economic, and environmental benefits.) Their connection to the Northwest is undeniable as Sustainable Northwest Wood collaborates specifically with resources in the area that are equally dedicated to sustainability.

By the way, were you aware that mineral content in this region’s soil imbues wood with rich colors and dramatic grain patterns that complement traditional and modern interior designs?

Butcher Block Countertop Details

The butcher block collection comes in 9 different wood species listed below along with each’s Janka hardness rating.

  • Oregon White Oak (Janka 1660)
  • Pacific Madrone (Janka 1460)
  • Tanoak (Janka 1420)
  • Myrtlewood (Janka 1270)
  • Willamette Valley Walnut (Janka 1010)
  • FSC Bigleaf Maple (Janka 850)
  • FSC Douglas Fir (Janka 660)
  • Restoration Juniper (Janka 626)
  • Campground Blue Pine (Janka 460)

Choice of 3 Butcher Block Styles

In addition, you have a choice between three styles: Side grain, Plank style, and End grain (featured in the image at the top of the article) which are both special order products

Big Leaf Maple Butcher Block Countertop from Sustainable Northwest Wood

Big Leaf Maple Butcher Block Countertop from Sustainable Northwest Wood

Additional Butcher Block Countertop Features

Additional product features include:

  • Kiln-dried, solid hardwood or softwood lumber
  • Occasional butt joints may be present in longer lengths
  • Butt joints are filled and sanded
  • Minor fill of small knots and voids may be needed before finishing
  • Sanded to 120-grit
  • Square edges
  • Unfinished
  • Local inventory of unfinished side grain – 1-1/2″ x 26-1/2″ lengths of 4′, 6′, 8′, and 10′.

Sustainable Northwest Wood’s butcher block countertops offer you functionality, durability, beauty, and something that comes from the area you live in.

Furthermore, these butcher block countertops have been tested to be compliant with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) v 1-1, 2010 VOC test for VOC emissions which can affect indoor air quality.  This compliance and local sourcing can aid in helping to achieve a Living Building Challenge (LBC) or LEED project.

By the way, butcher block countertops are ideal not just for kitchen work surfaces and islands but also workspaces, desks, bar tops, vanities, laundry rooms, tables, shelves, and more.

Oregon White Oak Butcher Block Countertop from Sustainable Northwest Wood

Oregon White Oak Butcher Block Countertop from Sustainable Northwest Wood

How To Care For Sustainable Northwest Wood Countertops

How you finish your butcher block countertop will depend on whether you use the surface for food preparation or not. For food preparation, you’ll want to use a food-safe cutting board oil that won’t go rancid over time (i.e., don’t use olive oil). You will need to regularly re-seal the surface.

If you aren’t doing food prep work, you can use a penetrating hard wax oil such as Rubio Monocoat a zero-VOC, plant-based hard wax oil finish, or a finish of your choice.

Please refer to the Sustainable Northwest Wood Care & Maintenance guide for more information on finishing your new butcher block:

>> Download the Butcher Block Care and Maintenance Instructions

What is Sustainable Northwest Wood?

If you aren’t familiar with Sustainable Northwest Wood, you’ll quickly appreciate how seriously it takes sustainability, wood, and local sourcing.

Based in Portland, Oregon, the company relies on a network of over 40 mills based in the Pacific Northwest for its wood. Each member of the network similarly takes sustainability seriously and incorporates it into operations, wood forest management, restoration, and salvaging products so they don’t enter the waste stream. The organization considers itself a “trusted source for people who want to build with purpose.”

The ‘why’ behind Sustainable Northwest Wood is about concern for the earth, choosing people before profits, sourcing and shopping locally, being responsible about climate change, appreciation for clean air, clean water, and how forests enable both because forests store carbon and more.

“Our mission is to foster a wood products community where each purchase for the built environment ensures resilience in the natural one.”

The video below introduces members of the Sustainable Northwest Wood team (note that the video content ends after 7 minutes).

Are You Interested in Adding Sustainable Butcher Block Countertops to Your Home?

If yes, we invite you to visit the Classique Floors + Tile showroom in Portland where you can see firsthand the display of Sustainable Northwest Wood butcher block countertops. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you.

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