Ready to update your flooring options and your old-fashioned ideas about vinyl? Luxury vinyl tile—or LVT—is a rapidly growing, hard-working, affordable option in today’s high-quality floor covering world.

Looks expensive yet it’s low maintenance

LVT combines the natural, organic look of hardwood, stone or ceramic flooring–so popular in Portland, Oregon– with the resilience, toughness and low maintenance of vinyl flooring. The result: an affordable flooring that looks and performs like much costlier material. You’ll be delighted to have your expectations overturned!

Engineered for stability and resistance to wear

Luxury Vinyl Tile is made in several layers:

The base layer provides flexibility, stability and resistance to wear and tear including dents, scrape marks and moisture damage.

The visual layer is the layer that grabs your eyes. It’s made with a professional, high-quality picture that looks like hardwood, natural ceramic or stone. Is it a natural product? Or is it LVT? It’s hard to tell!

The final layer is a tough, clear top coat that helps the tiles resist wear marks and stains, and it provides extra durability. It also adds surface texture–LVT has the subtle unevenness you find in hardwood, natural stone and tile.

On a tight budget?

For the budget-conscious homeowner in Portland, Luxury Vinyl Tile is a beautiful, tough, affordable and long-lasting choice. Use it throughout the house. Wood grain patterns shine in hallways and entrances. Tile patterns work hard and look great in kitchens and bathrooms. And colorful, complex patterns add a splash of fun to any room that needs a pick-me-up. And when it’s clean-up time, mud, dirt, rain spatters all mop up quickly and easily.

Let’s talk! We have a wide selection of Luxury Vinyl Tile options in our Portland, Oregon showroom. Bring us your questions about this affordable, high quality flooring. Schedule an in-home project assessment to get started, or drop by and talk to us. Your project consultant will handle everything from initial design to installation to final delight–we promise!

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